Community activist killed on Thanksgiving by the people she protested for


Shuri Henry knew the struggles of her community well. She just refused to believe the community couldn’t rise up to defeat them.

“Would you like to improve the quality of life in our community?” So asks a flier for a meeting she was helping organize for Nov. 30. “Come out and voice your concerns and ideas.”

Henry was killed Thursday night outside of her home, allegedly the victim of a carjacking as she returned from Thanksgiving dinner with her young nephew. She was 40.

NEWARK, New Jersey (WABC) – Two teenagers have been charged with felony murder in the death of a community organizer shot and killed during a Thanksgiving Day carjacking.

Prosecutors say 18-year-old Supreme Allah Jr. and the 14-year-old were arrested along with 20-year-old Antonio Torres Friday morning, just hours after the carjacking occurred.

Police responded to reports of a person shot at the scene of the carjacking on South 20th Street just before 11 p.m. Thursday.

The victim, 40-year-old Shuri Henry, was shot just a few yards from her front door.

Authorities say Henry’s 7-year-old nephew was in the car with her but wasn’t hurt.

The three defendants were arrested early Friday after police spotted the car, a Kia Sorrento, just a flew blocks away… They were captured after a brief foot chase.

"There’s maybe 12, 13 houses on this block? With Shuri gone, only five of them actually have people living there. The rest are abandoned," he said. “It’s gotten to the point where the danger’s too close now. I know when it’s time to cut and run.”

She was down with the cause, regrettably.

Just a PSA, it’s the holiday season so we tend to get careless. When youre out and about and it’s dark, try to get in and out of your home promptly. Avoid turning on your cellphones while out in the dark, it attracts lots of unwanted attention to you while distracting and disrupting your awareness of the surrounding. This goes without saying if you live in a shady neighborhood; but if you dont, I think these are good and essential tips regardless. Diversity is strength, and sometimes, you’re just too weak to fight against it when you’re out and about.


Diversity killed her . :roll_eyes:


Need some morning covfefe to read between the line :wink:?


She was killed in a random crime by three thugs. What a shame, she was trying to turn things around in a horrible neighborhood, but the feral creatures got her before she could start the Sisyphean task of changing ghetto rat culture.

All the PC twaddle, and SJW sanctimony only emboldens the very predators that ‘culture’ creates. This woman was killed by three Obamorrhoids, encouraged in their hatreds, excused in their violence, and patronized by progressive panderers.

There are Black and Hispanic doctors, lawyers, construction supervisors machinists, soldiers, airmen etc.- they are decent people who must bear the stain of what SJW social engineering has created. This poor woman was one of them; RIP Shuri, Ras Sharaka, Cory Booker, and a long line of liberal mayors created the jungle you died in.


I shouldnt be taking stabs at the dead, but she is the very sjw that enables this kind of ghettos. Dying doesnt make her a saint, and moving into a dangerous 'hood to virtual signal at the expense of your family’s safety doesnt make you a hero. Here are some of the stuff from her fakebook.



I stand corrected- she was indeed one of the very enablers of feral behavior. Thanks for the heads up.


And in one of the article, there was also a 7 yr old nephew with her but made it into the house before she did. It could have been a real tragedy if these fellas got him as well.

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