Conflicting Positions


When you declare yourself as a “conservative” or “liberal” its easy for individuals to assume certain beliefs about you. So I’m curious about people who have one or two views that contradict with how they identify politically.

For example, I’m liberal, but I tend to be anti-union. I think unions are great in concept and at a time served their purpose, but in today’s day and age are ineffective. The number of elementary - high school teachers out there who gain their two year tenure and then phone it in for 20 years is insane. Years ago, Washington DC offered the DC teachers union a $5K per teacher pay raise and in exchange, the union would loosen it’s restrictions for teachers to have their licenses revoked. In other words, all teachers would get a raise if the union would allow the city to make it easier for crap teachers to be fired. The union turned it down.

So there. I’ve exposed myself as a contradicting anti-union liberal.

Who is brave enough to do the same?


Well that’s the thing about boxes and pigeon holes. Socially I’m going to be left, but like you, I see that the union went past it’s usefulness, and fiscally I’m very right. Which is why I was happy about two things when I realized that Trump was going to be my president…A paid off national debt during his tenure and annual balanced budgets, and then I woke up and he’s just like every other.


You do understand though that he can only make proposals to the Congress. It’s not like Trump is a dictator and has total control over the Congressional budget process, unfunded mandates, or any of the other pork that the swamp manages to load up on year after year. When you actually look at what he asked for, it was both lawful and reasonable. Stronger immigration, a wall on the southern border, and increased defense spending to close the gap created by nearly a decade of Obama’s sequestration. If the Republicans and Democrats in Congress would actually do their jobs we might just have a balanced budget and be on the path to paying our debts. That’s part of the Trump agenda for sure…but Congress has to cooperate.


What I understand is that he promised balanced budgets declaring that it was easy, and to pay off the national debt. Now who didn’t know how things work, Trump, or his supporters, or both. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

As to the rest of your commentary, Trump never said any of that when he was pandering for votes, shrug.


I too, am liberal, just not nuts. I taught for fifteen years and I agree with what you said. The story of Michelle Rhee (who Trump should have made Se. of Ed) speaks to what you just described. During the recession, our teachers were given the choice - a small pay cut, or large layoffs of new teachers. Teachers are none to noble when it comes to eating their young.

In the big picture, the problem that I see keeping the Dems from gaining traction is unaccountability.

Dems are long on programs to ‘help’ the poor, yet all these programs do is incentivize dysfunction, and even fraud. When you create a program where the qualifications are almost nil, and the ways to cheat are innumerable- you get fraud. The biggest fraud in our welfare state is the number of false SSI disability claims. If I were to guess at the second, it would be the payouts to the anchor children of illegals.

Do the Dems. shout for more accountability? Never, only that ever more is needed. When the GOP tries to rein in waste they are ‘racists’, and ‘greedy.’

It is like M.E. Islam - to question anything is to be an apostate deserving of death- or at least doxing and ruination of one’s life.

The GOP isn’t much better, just a little bit- yet when they discuss entitlements, it’s not from the ‘we need more, ever more’ school of thought. This is why they won in 2016; it is why they’ll win more seats in 2018.


Although im socially conservatives

I dont care who marries whom, if two guys , two gals want to hook up be married I say all the best.

I do draw the line when it comes to kids, I dont think same sex couples should adopt kids.

and If Im going to accept Transgendered people, fine , but Im not accepting them as a real woman or real man.

If Im going to accept the new gender is not cis male and cis female, its Female and male and transgendered female or male.

And they need to accept that I will never ever and I mean ever date a transgendered person and there are millions of us who will never date them so dont label us transphobic or bigoted towards you .


No he doesn’t understand that as he incessantly repeats it over and over to ad nauseam.

And a clarification he has never supported Trump from the day he announced to the day when he was elected and he has never been happy about Trump.


So looks like most are towing party lines. Got it


What party line is that???


If you’ll indulge me in a little hyperbole:

If you’re a liberal you have to believe unions are great, abortions are perfectly fine, guns are bad and every minority from blacks to Hispanics to women are held back because of a system.

If you’re a conservative you have to believe gay marriage is evil, the government is too big, climate change is a hoax, and if you’re poor it’s because you’re too lazy or stupid to be rich.

Those are hyperbolic party line. I’m wondering if liberals on here are brave enough to say no I don’t believe this or conservatives are brave enough to say no I don’t believe that


Then why did he PROMISE as candidate to pay off the national debt? Why then did he PROMISE to run balanced budgets? Let’s make sure that you understand that Trump approved his administrations first budget, the farthest out of balance ever at 1.3 trillion. Do you understand what a charlatan and looser this guy is. You all are bragging on the economic numbers while ignoring the fact that this fool is burying us farther in debt. Here’s what this proves, you hypocrites here only care about balanced budgets and national debt when a democrat is in office!!! :roll_eyes:


Trump signed it, now he owns it. Just like when Trump criticized Obama’s 400 billion dollar deficit and you all cheered him on. Remember when balanced budgets were important to you. Now, in pure partisan fashion you want to be generous to Trump and blame congress. But you were certainly not so generous to Obama, it was ALL HIS FAULT.


The problem with you statement is that there are few that fit your category.

A person may be fiscally conservative, and believe abortion should be available yet government shouldn’t fund organizations that do abortions in any way. There may be liberals and conservatives who care less about gay anything and that what people do is their own business as long as it stays their business. Many people believe government is to big and spends far to much yet want the tings government has to offer.

Labels are nifty yet few fit into your definition of liberal and conservative.

But life is about choices isn’t it. You chose wisely you generally do well. You chose poorly and life tends to beat you down. Need examples? If government provides a level of support for people some may chose that that is all they need and there is no incentive to move upward. Government often penalizes people for taking a job that pays little keeping people at a level they would love to escape.


I’ll agree,most unions have gone to far,but they’re needed to protect members job security and as a check on management.
I support same same sex marriage and the ability to adopt children. When you look at the number of abused or needy children without family support, why not let same sex couples adopt them.
I see transgendered people as transgender but biologically they’re still Male or female and should have the same civil rights as everyone.
Government is to big with redundant departments and climate change is a hoax.
I believe there’s better options to abortion but as much as I don’t like it ,it’s the law of the land.
There are many opportunities to succeed in this country. You have to have a family support system that encourages education and discipline and a school that provides an education to get into college or tech school and quit playing the race or victim card.
If President Trump doesn’t like the budget or any legislation, he can always veto it. Let Congress make the changes. :heart_eyes:


That’s exactly what I’m getting at. I think it’s better for society to get away from these label and I appreciate when people can admit to beliefs they hold that don’t mesh with mainstream party lines.


You let Trump, a non scientist define this for you. :roll_eyes:


BINGO!!! But he didn’t did he. He signed a spending bill that borrowed to give more to entitlement spending and the pentagon, both of which are glutinous and should be reduced.


Unions cannot protect jobs.

The UAW site from the 70’s to today is the perfect example.


I’ll ask you just once not to attribute to me something that @Freedom76 said, hear??


At least Trump didn’t claim to invent the internet and is as much a non-scientist as Al Bore. :blush: