Conflicting Positions


Al Gore said, “During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet.”
And that’s true and accurate. As a member of congress means that he didn’t wire up the transistors or write the code but expanded the budget of ARPANET and worked to make it public, and that was the beginning of the internet. No one in Congress did more for it. And the actual experts that did create the infrastructure of the Internet had no problem with Al’s comment as they found it accurate, and you can google that if you so desire!

The half life of plutonium is 24,100 years, but that pales in comparison to the half life of BS in the mind of a rightie!


Of course everyone knows that but poking Gore was too much fun.


Not only that, several of the ‘scientists’ supporting Gore’s cause have been shown to have doctored the temperature data…to their advantage.

Climate change is real. It has been happening for thousands of years. The earth has experienced several ice ages. We are due for another one…soon on the archeological time scale…in about 50,000 years.


Funding something that already exists and making it available to the public has nothing to do with creating it. The network existed before Al came along.

ARPANET is from about 1969, when Al Gore was about 21 years old. He didn’t create a damn bit of it.


Now that shows your limited knowledge of what the internet is all about. That shows your failure to acknowledge all the other senators who contributed to funding the internet.

Try and not expand the part he really did which was spending taxpayer money.

Want to give Al credit for his fictional work an inconvenient truth?

  1. Sea Levels Are Rising At An Alarming Rate

In his movie Gore predicted that sea levels could rise six meters (20 feet) with the melting of the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets.

Maybe you can tout his success supporting NAFTA where the US went from a surplus with Mexico to an average 60 billion a year deficit.


You are right… the first carbon billionaire was indeed a long time nerd dating back to the 70’s… I don’t really take anything away from him for that nor do I take away the term ‘Information Super Highway’ that he coined… nor his support for Clipper Chip, Americas first intelligence back door into your private transmissions…


ARAPNET ran until 1990.


The attacks on Gore over the internet were unfair.
And your presumption of superiority in an argument while making points that are stupid (other Senators, taxpayers money), is a sign of a very small dick, not a great intellect.

I’m with the climate scientists, and not with the energy lobby on the 'change issue. However, I see that we are going to have the power of life itself in our tool box shortly, and I think there is a good chance we can restore our environment without a whole lot of cost. That is if we don’t kill ourselves with that tech.


Al Gore had about as much to do with creating the internet as I did. Other than promoting additional funding for an already existing DOD program that eventually led to its being opened to public use, he did NOTHING!


ARPANET ran till 1990!


You earn a flag for your personal attack.

Hopefully others will read your post and flag it as well.


the climate has and will always change. There is no sufficient proof that man is the cause of it thus there can be no reversal. We just need to ride the wave and adapt. Gore and all the libs that are pushing this fake climate doomsday are doing so because they are heavily invested in the renewable energy market and if they had succeeded in having Obama force us into the global renewable energy market, they would have lined their pockets fat. climate science that blames man for climate change is a hoax.


Careful Rolavine, this kind of talk is rampant here but ignored if your a good Trumper, if not, it will be flagged.


I guess it all depends on who is ignoring you. …I’m my case it’s a blessing…:laughing::laughing::laughing:


So, that figures the Trumpers love of free speech, lol!


Yes, the funding and the promotion, as if that is nothing! Sheesh!


Of course they were, but they were fun and easy so there you have it.


Sorry! I replied to the wrong poster.


Repetition does not improve your attempted deception…especially when you use “the official biography of Al Gore”.

However, it does expose your use of the liberal tactic of repeating lies in hopes that they become accepted as truth.


It is called backing, not creating.

By your logic, anyone that financially supports a starving artist had an active hand in the art produced.

Whoever taught you this was uneducated.