Conflicting Positions


It would only be something if it had been a GOPer behind the initiative. Surely you get the partisan righty here by now.


Oh yeah, uneducated because I, unlike you, realize that money makes the world go round? I also posted the internet hall of fame page for Al Gore, but failed to see you
recognized there?
“A lion does not flinch at laughter coming from a hyena.”
― Suzy Kassem


Now that’s funny. :grin:


Yeah, they got there own little pressure group of self declared gods among mere mortal men, despite, terrible arguments and unsupported claims. No wonder they like Trump, I recognize the same 50 tons of ego haphazardly strapped to ancient Datsun pickup truck of ability. Thanks.


I didn’t repeat anything, and your use of fabricated nonsense shows how much you respect the truth.
asaratis “Al Gore had about as much to do with creating the internet as I did.”
How’s that for a factual statement Mr. Stickler!


“Kahn and Cerf addressed an array of other topics during their talk: the role that security has played in the development of the Internet; publications of the future; machine-to-machine communications; the use of holograms and other new input devices; the contributions that former Sen. Al Gore made in the Internet’s development (they thought Gore’s contributions were important and his subsequent treatment in the media was unjust).”


I read both of your links. Anybody can kiss a politician’s ass, including the Nobel Prize committee that gave Obama the award for thinking about doing something good.

The Internet Hall of Fame is no more unbiased than the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences. People get nominated and people vote for them. Big fucking deal.

If Al Gore had any significant contribution to the creation of the internet, I’m relatively sure his name would appear somewhere on this list. If you find it, let me know.

Likewise, I don’t see Al’s name in this article.

As I said earlier, funding an artist’s work does not translate to creating the art.

Al Gore is a blowhard.


I will give you that Cerf and Kahn praised Gore for his contributions, but this does not translate to creativity. It simply recognizes him for backing the cause.

Gore’s mistake was in claiming he created it. Likely it wouldn’t have been so misinterpreted had he left out the phrase “took the initiative”.


A very wealthy blowhard.

Writing fiction like an inconvenient truth pays well.


He was wealthy when he was born.


Obviously Gore is not going to appear on a list of computer scientists, moot argument, but I admire you gumption in seeking a refuge!
I respect and say thanks to all that have had key roles in creating the WWW, without putting my arse on the scale.
If one of the creators listed was a pedophile, or a murder, or even a Trumpite I would still honor them, and that’s the difference between me and you.

Thanks for the fun!


There are many differences between you and me. One is that I understand the meaning of moot and you don’t.

Another is that I would never honor an active pedophile. I would more likely kill him/her had I the chance.

Another is that you do not understand the difference between promoting a creative effort and taking part in the creative efforts.

Another is that you do not support the betterment of this country…you just hate that the socialist bitch lost.

There are others, I am sure.

However, I do see that you may have an eclectic appreciation of music…the universal language of the earth.

Kudos for that one.


It’s called redefining words.

For example, creating vs. supporting or giving our tax dollars away.

Another example, traitor now a universal word for someone you dislike.


I would add treasonous to that…


Trump calls the whole Democratic Party traitors… but that’s different one supposes. :roll_eyes:


Can’t wait to vote trump 2020



Al Gore , biggest hypocrite of them all.

Al Gore and his liberal buddies preach about greenhouse gases as he is flying around in his private jet spewing greenhouse gas in the ozone but wants his fellow Americans to use 3 and a half pieces of toilet paper per bathroom visit.

Friggen hypocrites.


Al Gore?

The guy who flew his private jet to pick up his Nobel for his concern over global warming???


ironic eh? leftist hypocrites .