Conflicting Positions


Just a bit!!!



If you guys were lefties you’d be chastised for being off topic. But you’re all safe in your partisan echo chamber.


All arguments here consist of CONFLICTING POSITIONS.:fu:


Back to your topic here in the op. Unions have indeed outlasted their usefulness and I don’t believe on balance that they are doing labor a service.



something we agree on … UNIONS

I believe unions are not doing labour a service and caused a lot of problems .

I have no love for unions


Btw, that’s that pendulum that swings from extreme to extreme and spends very precious little time in the center.


You got me on moot, thanks for the correction. I’m guilty as hell!
I support the betterment of the country through sane leaders, and your man is stark raving irresponsible, while being a good facsimile of the father of lies.
Love music, my chief goal in life is to write a better song then the last one.


Gore made that comment on a talk show, choice of a wrong word. It isn’t like he said, “I can absolutely pardon myself” cause that was no slip, that was fascism in a nutshell.
And funny that W won, talk about a fellow who used the right words.
“Too many good docs are getting out of the business. Too many OB-GYNs aren’t able to practice their love with women all across this country.”


“Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.”
Ah, W the Yogi Berra President.
Early in his term there was a shooting at Santana High School and I heard him on the radio. He gave a pretty nice speech, concern + moral outrage, but then He got lost and started doing his normal stump speech, and went on about getting his tax cuts passed. The press gave him a pass on that and never reported it.


True enough, they’re ALL hypocrites. Odd that you can only spot it on the left. Better get an eye exam.

How about Trump who tells you and I to buy American and hire American while his brand is made in China and his properties are all staffed with foreigners.



That statement is what earned my “like”.

That one is nothing more than sour grapes. My guess is that you are simply pissed that President Trump is delivering on his promises to improve the state of the union.

All politicians lie. The MSM can turn an opinion into an alleged lie.

Trump’s communication techniques are unique to what the PC among us expect from a President. The bulk of the liberal (fake news) media seems livid in knowing that it cannot filter his direct communications to the public.

His use of Twitter is quite effective. He has just as much right to bypass the media filters as anyone else in this nation that purports to offer free speech to all people.

Do you have any audio files to share?


Yeah it’s very interesting actually because I just completed a political compass survey with over 70 questions and the result essentially was you are a “social liberal”. Although ironically (not policy wise or factually wise) necessarily. But inter-personally and in real life a lot of the self-righteous, arrogant and detached liberals I communicate/interract with drive me completely and utterly insane… Like overall objectively I get a long a lot better with conservatives then liberals. Sometimes I wish the daleks would just exterminate all these illogical, emotional and annoying liberals lmao. Don’t get me wrong religious zealots and conservatives stuck in a time warp back in the 1950s drive me insane too… (But they are few and far between) But these liberals who are like this are at least 50% if not a lot more if it were up to me I would send them to re-educational facilities and get a brain surgeon/scientist to neurologically rewire them. Thus they shall think only with facts and dismiss all emotions and hysteria which causes them to be absolutely infuriating and impossible to logically communicate with.


of course there are some hypocrites on the right, but we were talking about Al Gore.

Has Trump done some hypocritical things, yes, but at least at President he is trying to make a difference.

The whole hiring foreigners for his Mar lago resort, Im on the fence on that one, he didn’t hire Illegals, they were foreign legal temporary workers and lets be honest most Americans dont want to do those jobs and if they do they dont want work those split shifts because partying is important.

Or should I say very few Americans want to do those jobs and those foreigners working at those Wages to them its fantastic wages, while its not great on American standards its wonderful in the eyes of the foreigners working those jobs that is why they jump at the chance to work in America “legally”

As in manufacturing in China, well I cant defend that , except to say the consumer pays less and the consumer rules.


I guess the die hard Obama supporter would say the same of him.


No, it’s not just the Florida property to begin with, and I never accused him of hiring illegals. I said that he preaches to me to hire Americans, which I do, at all three of my offices, but hypocritically he hires FOREIGNERS!!


Which again makes Trump a hypocrite.


In the beginning I think Obama did try and make a difference , except that time exposed Obama as the feckless inept leader he is.

His true colours came out after the 3rd years and confirmed after his re election victory.

The man was all talk and no bite, disastrous policies, weak leadership and this is why Trump won , you really think that if Obama was that great of a leader and his policies was good for America that Trump would be “elected”?


My sister in law is a OB-GYN. She has malpractice insurance. She will carry insurance for 21 years after the delivery of the last child she delivers. The law allows lawsuits up to the age of 21.

Her insurance isn’t cheap and has doubled since 2010.

My primary care physician closed his practice in Jan. 2010 and went into research as the cost of the ACA compliance was to high for a single doctor in their family practice.


if that makes Trump a hypocrite then they are all hypocrites, Clinton, Obama, Biden the entire congress and both political parties including the darling liberal Elizabeth Warren.

but only one of them is President and despised so they nitpick every thing Trump does, talking about hypocrites.

I admit Im no fan of Trump the man, but as president he has done things that surprised me and is showing me he is a leader that does care for America unlike previous presidents.