Conflicting Positions


Right, that’s your opinion I understand. My point was that the die hard Obama supporter thinks of him as you think of Trump. Much more forgiving and apologetic. That’s the nature of the true partisan.


Oh poor little Trump. :roll_eyes: And for eight years Obama was nit picked by all the right wing media. And here on this board he STILL is. That comes with the territory. Trump needs to man up.


That’s good. My two big main issues are domestically BD and ND and USFP its military adventurism. Trump hasn’t started any hot wars (Yet) but his mouth sucks. And of course I don’t like the bass ackwards way he’s treating historical friends and foes. Domestically, after berating Obama’s for running high deficits and compounding the national debt. His very first opportunity to keep his campaign promise to run balanced budgets, which he claimed is easy, he signed a record spending bill increasing entitlement spending. :flushed::flushed::flushed: And the national debt is now +/- 22 trillion.

Now I’ll wait for you to make excuses and blame that on the minority party and tell me how pitiful Trump is, his hands are tied and he was blackmailed into signing a budget that he promised he never would.


woah there Montecresto

First thing, I dont care what other thinks of Trump, they have the right to think what they think, Im not questioning it or them

Where I draw the line is bullshitting about the guy and bringing up irrelevant things about his past, which has nothing to do with him being president.

The fact that Trump cheating on his wives, said some off colour things about women “eg grabbing them by pussy”, or hiring foreign workers to work at his resorts has nothing do with him being president today.

When the right criticized Obama it was for stuff he did while president, not before he was president.

see the difference?

you want to criticize things Trump does as president is fair game and I say go for it.
Like the tariff situation , or the camp detaining illegals, those are fair game.

What he did as a private citizen decades ago is irrelevant


Well that’s not me, I don’t talk much about his past you should have noticed. I’m concerned primarily with candidate and president Trump.


I haven’t spoke to any of that, shrug.


No, I don’t see any difference. The left biased media is criticizing Trump every day for things he says and does today.


WTH? That’s all I’ve been doing.


okay, and that is fine and I will be more than happy to debate with you regarding Trump’s policies but for your leftist friends out there you should tell them to stick to the topic of what Trump is doing TODAY not 20 years ago.

Because if they want to play that game I can call Obama a coke head as he admitted using cocaine as a Teenager .

Or his hypocritical stance regarding the nation of Islam , a hate group.

but all of that is irrelevant to when he was president.


Sorry Chair but I have no leftists friends and I speak for myself.


fair enough Montecresto


Another post dragging Obama in. :roll_eyes:


I hate liars, yes Hillary is a liar, but Trump is a worse liar. I vote for the candidate that lies to me the least, maybe that’s stupid but I figure I’ll have to listen to less bull from that party after they get elected. I don’t ever trust any of them, and believe that is my duty as a citizen.
I also don’t like Trumps power grabbing in an office that has been expanded beyond anything authorized by our Constitution. I’m in favor of the exec dept. being put on a diet, not being fed by dump trucks at the maw!
I also like our old stupid slow system of debate, and discussion, experts, and public forums, rather than the Trump magic 8 ball.

Then again, I’m old, and maybe too long in the tooth for this brave new world of government by a drama queen.

I’m just learning to record and have a few mp3’s that work.
Since I assume nothing I do has any commercial value whatsoever, the expansion of my ability is what’s important to me.


Hillary’s lies about Benghazi, the email server, the emails, and some other things…were far more significant than any lie Trump may have told yet.

Speaking of late bloomers…let me remind you of this one:


A lie is a lie.

That is an excuse.
You probably voted for Obama and his lies were monumental.

No I didn’t keep my doctor, he gve Obama and the democrats the middle finger closed his practice and does research today.
No I didn’t keep my insurance, Obama cancelled it and tried to dump me into the ACA. I bought direct from the insurance company.
No I didn’t save 2500, so far it costs me 4500 more per year and rising.
The lies about the IRS, and people pretend it didn’t happen.
The lies about Benghazi, nah didn’t happen.
Fast and furious, nah didn’t happen.

Why would anyone support a party who make super delegates to ensure the party’s choice is the candidate?


When I look at the total cost of our insane health care system I see the cost of malpractice total is only about 2%. This shocked me but in investigating it I see the reason, it is nearly impossible for anyone to win a suit against a doctor, or a provider, even if they leave freaking metal parts rolling around in you!


Obama lied a lot less than his opponents.
I have no specifics of your docs case to make any arguments. This is like saying Trump gave my Aunt Petunia the rickets.
The cost of health care in the us US is an insane $13,000 per person, sorry you had to pay part of your share! We need to appoint a dictator to fix this system, politics can’t do it, too much money to steal!
IRS specifics?
Behghazi is nothing get over it.
Fast and furious huge goof, get over it too.
And that’s all you got


I disagree, Trump’s lies used to justify us pulling out of the Paris accords are so potentially harmful they transcend the nothing of Benghazi, and the email server that there is no proof was every hacked. We are changing the climate and are playing a very active part in the 6th extinction!


It is telling that you trivialize the lies about Benghazi.

Can you expound on how Trump lied about the Paris accord?


I give Behghazi the proper amount of concern, and don’t blame the Secretary for the overzealous actions of John Christopher Stevens who paid the last full measure for it.

Trump: China “can do whatever they want for 13 years. Not us.” Pure BS, China pledged to do a lot before the end of that period.

Trump: “India will be allowed to double its coal production by 2020. Think of it. India can double their coal production. We’re supposed to get rid of ours.” The word coal does not even appear in the accords, again the participating countries got to set their own limits based on their levels.

We pulled out of a toy agreement on climate change, that was too much for us.