Conflicting Positions


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Yet the entire agreement was admitted by those in the agreement that it was NON BINDING! A worthless agreement. An agreement that would have cost the US more than it should have. DJT did not lie about that FACT.

I will concede that (according to some based news media) President Trump may have misrepresented some statistics regarding how much it would have cost the US…simply because I do not have the time or resources to verify them. I do dismiss some of their claims as opinion rather than fact.

Any agreement that is non-binding is relatively worthless.

The lying about the standing down (from sending military aid to our Ambassador and his personnel who were under attack…NOT in the middle of a spontaneous demonstration)…are far more significant than the Paris fake agreement.


The world has to start someplace, and every country besides us is in it, not because it is significant in and of itself, but because it is a beginning. Trump has denied people made environmental changes since he started running, this is simply insane. We need to fix our environment if we as a species are going to survive, sticking our heads up our rears isn’t productive.
Instead we have an EPA that says that doing away with EPA standards will save lives because people will drive less as they won’t be able to afford to buy gas. Absurd nincompoops directed by an absurd nincompoop!


Our contribution to climate change is not zero, but it is definitely nowhere near what Gore and his team of pseudo scientists have proclaimed.

Perhaps the falsified temperature data caused Gore to predict that the coastal cities would be under water by now.

Regarding air quality and related trends, we appear to be improving by the year. There is nothing we can do about contributions from forest fires and drought.

This site concerning water quality is not as up to date, but you may find guidance to sites that are more current. Water quality data is far more difficult to collect, analyze and report than is air quality.


Gore’s old data has been refined and guess what we are still putting greenhouse gasses into our very thin atmosphere while temps go up. I’m not a climate scientist but believing scientists has worked out pretty well for us common folks!

Yes the EPA now being dismantled has been a great success, we should keep them! Thanks for the breathable air! I’m old enough to remember when the air was worse, thanks EPA, thanks regulations.


Gore’s ‘scientists’ were doctoring temperature data to support the Chicken Little mantra of the global warming hoax.

You should never trust all people of any particular group…including priests. The bell curve applies to all large samples of measurable traits.


You seem to fail to accept that crappy data has been replaced with accurate data. Silly waste of time. Gore was fear mongering in order to provoke a change, just as today’s left and right are fear mongering to get voters to the polls.


I’m certainly with you on your last statement but I have to ask… with respect to those ‘Climate Scientists’… are you with the 1% who seem to put out flawed data sets for the other 99% to use… or are you with the 99% who knowingly insert flawed data into otherwise subjective models? Far to many instances of manipulated data not to be concerned about the very information others base their conclusions on…many of them looking to justify a personal bias… NCDC, NOAA and NASA have all been found lacking in their data accuracy… some sets by a large margin. Claims of sea change have not materialized and NOAA’s own comments about the ‘climate pause’ being fiction have been proven wrong because their data was wrong… I know that we as humans do great damage to many aspects of this planet and we need to address those issues but given your comment about being a realist in that the world is run by money do you not think that encouraging government to wholesale scuttle one industry in favor of another isn’t right up the lobbyists ally?


The left has been using the hateful, bigoted, racist, phobic line for decades in order to keep them voting democrat… fear mongering indeed…


NOAA was caught out last year !!! NASA was called out in the Senate as having data more flawed than East Anglia…


Yes, and the right, heck is that an MS13 member under your bed or did you take an overdose of Viagra. Or the Jihadists who are coming to kill us and yet they have only managed to take out 100 of us since 9/11, making lightning more lethal. OR the Syrian refugees who were coming here to burn down our confederate statues. Or the liberals who are out to sell our children into slavery to DC pizza parlors. OR Hillary who is more evil than Satan and plans to make our country into a level of hell.


IMHO, It’s bogus to take advantage of most science and engineering except for this pet peeve of yours. And Big Energy got it’s moneys worth when they spent five times more than all the climate science in the world to persuade you of that. But if you look now you will see even Big Energy sees warming as a problem and has stopped pushing back. Now if a few more congressmen get that message we just might survive this period of sticking our heads up our rears.

You do know our air is so thin that half of it is below 3.5 miles above sea level!


That is a consequence of gravity.

Half of the atmosphere’s gasses are below 18,000 ft (about 3.5 miles). 99 percent of the atmosphere’s gasses are found below about 20 miles (105,000 ft).

It is hardly ever (if at all) ‘blown away’. The gravity of the situation is not changed by mankind.

Fortunately, all we must do is to pressurize airplanes that fly at 35,000 feet AMSL.

All is well in Hooterville!


Good points.
What industry in favor of another are you talking about?
When and if fusion power comes on that will end these industries.

Just look at the diversity of articles in there all on climate, and prediction.
Data sets are cross checked as many ways as possible and many do not come from the gov.

The disputed data for the KARL model below, is only to deal with some anomalies in the data and so became red meat for some GOP congress people.

I’m not qualified to judge the data, or the models, or the motivation behind the projects, do we have any experts in here?


They persuaded me of nothing… While I try to look at facts as they present themselves the fact is all of these data collection groups have been called out for their inaccurate data… not one of them has justified the errors. If the data is wrong how can the science possibly be correct? Climate models are little more that best guess assumptions about what would happen IF the data fed into it were correct. Thus far all of the catastrophic predictions have been as wrong as Paul Ehrlich’s population bomb. That’s not to say that we don’t have a serious population problem but the solution to nurse the entire 3rd world to breeding health and save it from itself isn’t helping even as talks of abortion and eugenics sell swirl around the progressive camp.

I understand your concern… I even understand your desire to address many of the problems that clearly exist but it seems we like to focus on the hyperbole in place of those things we know are wrong and what cause them… and then find the most counterintuitive way to address them


And their we sit on the precipice of opinion… Neither KNOWING the right answer, both reacting to what they presume in a way that best reflects their understanding.

While you can say it is a red flag to a bull, it follows in line with the question of voter integrity… how many votes does it take to throw a national election? Several instances of one vote decisions in state elections… it would seem that democrats are not concerned with these ‘anomalies’ as much as other folks…


Well of course the arbitrary substitution of fossil fuel for the not ready for prime time sustainable energy… As far as cold fusion coming on line… if and when it does, it will prove once again that creative distribution in the market place is a good… not a bad thing but that says nothing about legislating an industry out of existence based on an unverified conclusion no matter how pervasive the propaganda.


Unlike you and most people I pay 100% of my healthcare

Costs are insane because people like you want free shit like BC pills a day physicals


There are hundreds of competing climate models, many like the KARL model seeking to explain anomalies in the data, so I don’t get your analogy?
Plato warned of the danger of thinking through analogy before he did it.


Government choosing winners and losers has never benefited the consumer just the government and some chosen industries

In California there are continual lawsuits against the wind power industries regardling killing birds

The government has given the a pass for new developments