Congress’s Lack of Fiscal Restraint Hurts Taxpayers


In response the US wouldn’t be fighting aione to save Europes Ass if they would step up to the plate and help to eliminate Radical Islamic Terrorism.As a retired vet 19D20 Cavalry Scout to the non Army people I’m tired of my tax money going to save the French Flags and a Senile German Chancellor.Let them give the US taxpayers a break and do their share !!!


They helped the US fuel the problem by joining in our USFP folly in the ME.


Stick to that mime as the only or even the main reason and you will continue to garner little respect from anyone other than those who are just as delusional… The Ottomans were only in strategic retreat… Islam is clear about its objectives and it is not regional…


What about your tax dollars going towards foolish foreign policy that has been beneficial to Islamic global ambitions TO BEGIN WITH. Why do you guys never notice that. 9 trillion dollars in pentagon budget alone in the last 15 years and 6 trillion on top of that wasted in the ME!!!


What?.. you don’t like robotic pack dogs that build the robotics industry… or research in mind control… as they say in their brochure “, DARPA pursues opportunities for transformational change rather than incremental advances.” … that shit costs money… and then of course you got to have wars to test the operational readiness.

I have gotten into many discussions about the US Government funding and driving private research and with little exception, people on the left applaud that use of government… most of that comes off the back of military and space research…


You mean like killing the shuttle and giving 70 million to the Russian per trip to the space station which we were the main contributors and charged other countries nothing nor charges for the use of it?

Some of the NASA budget in the past:
Barack Obama: Nasa must try to make Muslims 'feel good’
The head of the Nasa has said Barack Obama told him to make “reaching out to the Muslim world” one of the space agency’s top priorities.


We could eliminate the Space Program. How many of us will fly on the Space Shuttle or vacation in the Space Station???
We could eliminate funding for the Arts . Let the Liberal Elites fund it.
We could reduce or eliminate funding to counties that skim money for themselves while persecuting their people
We should increase funding to the Kurds in Syria and help them to have a semi autonomous state
We should reach out to some in the Muslim World with a few missiles.


I agree with everything except the space program. Space exploration may not be the thing we want to do, but I think there can be a lot of benefit from having an active role in space specifically related to improvements in technology here on Earth.


Yeah… and a rather bristling missile launch complex to keep the rest of the world in check too ! :+1: