Congressional democrats should be charged with obstruction of justice


Watching the democrats praise Peter Strzok for the things he said in his text messages about "stopping Trump " and having an "insurance policy " in the event he wins the election , and changing the wording on the Hillary case makes me sick .Democrats will hear all about it on election day !!!


Except for firing up their own weak base of useful idiots, they seem to be guaranteeing that there will be no Blue Wave in 2016.

Independents and undecided Democrats and Republicans cannot possibly be favorably impressed by the partisan antics and misrepresentations being forwarded by the Trump haters.

Several of the idiot Democrat Party members have attempted to divert the attention away from the purpose of the hearing to other liberal hot topics… such as immigration or Russia…and to get on the record (again) with their asinine opinions.


Holy shit they are still beating this dude up!


As they should.

He should already have been fired from the FBI. However, the FBI will not fire him because that would take away their ability to tell him which questions to refuse to answer. They are covering their own asses.


The dems are saying it is ok to be totally bias when running an investigation something to keep in mind next time , there will be a next time for sure !


This smug asshole needs to be in prison ! :roll_eyes: