Connery Here


I like drama so I go to Broadway shows.:performing_arts:

I like clowns so I go to the circus.:black_joker:

I like jackasses so I hiking around the Grand Canyon.:footprints:

I enjoy good discussion I hope this place will become a good place to be.:+1:

Thanks for the invite Patriot!:relaxed:


Thanks for joining! If you need any help just post your question here, send a direct message to me, send me a notification using @Patriot, or you can also go through a custom tutorial by typing @discobot which will start a walk through sequence of how the site works - since we aren’t running on the usual forum software.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Welcome to the club! Great intro!


Looking forward to your posts @Connery


Welcome @Connery I’m a slacker and never introduced myself. Hi everyone!


It’s never too late @Phasor


Hi Phasor nice to meet you:relaxed:


Namaste! Glad to have you here!


I hope you enjoy the place!



Some discussions are most entertaining

You may give up broadway


Welcome bud enjoy the stay


Welcome to the though blender, I long for your perspective…