Conservatives are much more generous than liberals. what do you think about it?



We are a team of young international researchers studying the relationship between the political ideology, morality and charitable giving.

Recent work has argued that political ideology plays a key role in explaining charitable giving behavior, in particular, the differences between those who are generous and those who are not (Brooks 2006; Brooks and Lewis 2001; Derin-Gure and Uler 2010; Wolpert 1995). Empirical evidence points to self-identified political conservatives’ greater financial generosity when compared with liberals (Brooks 2006; Brooks and Lewis 2001). In our current work we are trying to see whether this difference in charitable behavior between liberals and conservatives is related to the difference in moral worldviews of these two groups. This way, we hope to learn more about the motivation for charitable and helping behavior.

If you sympathize with our goals and would like to support our cause, we would be very grateful if you could help us by completing our survey. It shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes (at the end, you will be able to see your own score on the 5 Big moral foundations and compare it with the average scores of other conservatives, as well as liberals).

The link to the survey is

Thank you in advance!


I read some where republicans give more to charities then all of Europe…


@Patriot here is another data mining outfit.

@alessiamorals you should have become a member of this community first and asked our permission to do this before just using our community as a way to mine data.


They link to a .com and not a .edu as well. Don’t click that link. Probably CIA or Mossad.


Here is what the webpage says:

Principal investigator: Nikola Erceg; email:

The goal of this study is to investigate the relationships between charitable behavior, moral values and social norms. Your personal results will be available to you immediately after completing the survey. If you need more information about the study, feel free to contact the principal investigator.

Within the study, you will be asked to rate your level of relevance or agreement with items or on a 7-point scale. The majority of items will be related to your moral values, norm perception and attitudes. Additionally, you will be asked about your age, gender, nationality and charity donation intentions. We do not ask you to provide personal information such as your name and surname, and we will in no other way collect any of your personal information without specifically asking your permission.

Detailed instructions on how to answer each specific set of questions are given in the survey. Please, be as sincere and spontaneous as you can while answering the questions, and try to answer all questions. If you do not wish to to answer some questions, feel free to leave them out without any consequences. The level of stress or discomfort experienced during this survey is not expected to be any higher than that one experiences in everyday situations. Within this study, you will not be exposed to any sort of additional risk.

The privacy of your information and identity is guaranteed. Your responses will be coded, guaranteeing that your identity cannot be connected to your results. If the results of this study are published, they will only be presented on a group level, and not as individual results. By taking this survey, you are entering a lottery to win a 50$ Amazon gift card.

Once again, we stress that the participation in this study is completely voluntary and that you can quit at any time without any consequences. This project has been reviewed by, and received ethics clearance, through the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb, Croatia, Ethics Committee. If you have any complaints or worries regarding the procedure, feel free to write to

By clicking “Take the survey”, you confirm that you understand the information provided and that you are giving an informed consent for further participation in this study.


Seems sketchy to me too. They could have just built a poll here. I was messing around with it last night and it was easy.

Is OP’s website a scam?

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  • NO

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I see this happening from time to time. These researchers, as smart as they may be, have yet to figure out how forums work. They don’t understand that each forum is a community with rules and a culture.


Maybe. I’m still going with CIA or Mossad.


You’d think CIA, Mossad, or legit academic researchers would get punctuation and capitalization right in the title.


Acknowledged. Let me take a look into this.


How many liberal presidents donated their entire salary back to the USA ? :wink:


I can’t wait to hear the libtard excuses on that question


It should be patently obvious that conservatives are more generous with their own money than are the liberals.

Liberals believe that taxing others and distributing the revenues to the poor serves as their means of being charitable.

Why waste money with funded studies of questions for which the answers are already known…other than to create income for the researchers who find it difficult to get an honest job?