Countdown to Trump's Commiefornia Visit


President Trump arrives at 11:30AM PDT.

One of his first stops is to inspect border wall prototypes.

Will there be riots? Chaos by evening? Martial law? Nothing? We shall see.


Maybe the precious dreamers will block his motorcade and the Secret Service will be forced to act.


I can almost guarantee that he is going to start bragging about the lawsuit be slapped on the state…which will trigger the holy hell out of the locals, Democrats everywhere, and the presstitute media.


California gives two shits about the fat ass TIC.


Notice in the picture posted by 4Chan -
No American flag- only Mexico’s - pretty clear where their allegiance lies
The posters are classic- a pseudo Aztec demanding “Who’s the illegal alien, pilgrim?” - of course it should be in Spanish, as the Conquistadors were the original genocidal ‘pilgrims’, and so all Spanish speakers should be booted back to Spain…
Maybe the guy in the bottom right of the picture is John? He believes in reconquista…


That territory was stolen from Mexico in the Mexican American war. If Mexico ever reclaims it, what crime will have been committed, answer me that Doc.


Something, does he ever get in front of cameras without doing so?


Actually, it was Native American land that the Spanish took, Mexican expeditionary forces and settlers squatted on, and after Mexico gained independence from Spain the Mexican government had rebellions and revolutionaries in the area that we’re causing a lot of problems - including attacks on American border towns. It was so out of hand that the US dispatched military forces to the border areas. Once the few revolutionary squatters were killed. Mexico agreed to the new borders because it was easier for the Mexican government to maintain control of the northern region and not have another border war. So, what exactly was stolen? Treaties were signed.


Maybe some illegals will lie down in front of the motorcade.


Yes, but the United States incited a war with Mexico and took it from THEM. Your history sounds like something you learned in grade school and doesn’t represent what Polk actually did at all. You probably never heard of manifest destiny either. We’ve our own history of screwing over native Americans if you want to start pointing that finger.


Jim Acosta is not enjoying himself.


Probably came to the event with Jim Acosta and was given the shirt for this photo.


That sign is wrong , There is Hate in the Golden State. The hate is for enforcing laws that the Anarchists don’t like.


Residents have had enough of illegal aliens and rally at wall.


Monte, so Mexico is exacting it’s revenge for what happened about 180 yrs ago .
So blacks should go to Africa and smuggle every black person they can find into the U.S. because of Jim Crow Laws.


I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future Freedom. I just regularly point out for all those that are so butt hurt over Mexicans being in the country “illegally” that the US incited a war with them for the express purpose of taking from them what they refused to sell. Even the whigs opposed the war and claimed it was nothing more than a land grab.


Too bad president Trump didn’t plant a few suitcases with those codes on his way out ! The ocean is waiting .