Crash the economy of working American's


Crash the economy of working American’s so the elitist can extort slave , child and forced labor around the globe !
What a useless piece of shit !


or you lose your democracy.

psst. This isn’t a democracy.


Wow. Wealthy liberal elites demanding that the economy crashes. They won’t be the ones to suffer so what does it matter…


Right, he’s pointing to the Trump effect of high gas prices, trashing icons like SBUX and NFL, and looming trade wars. Alienating our allies and seeking normal relations and maybe a White House visit from the murderous regime of North Korea. Maga.


High gas prices are the cause of supply and demand we are beginning to thriving in a capitalist republic and you want to whine about gas rising a few penny’s at the pump . This happens every year as refinery’s switch from winter fuel to summer fuel !
Fuck the NFL and Starbucks just more rich elitist trashing the nation !
There are no allies when it comes to trade . Nations are in a never ending trade war shielding and protecting their citizens jobs America being the exception to that rule until working citizens elected President Trump !


The resist / progressive socialist movement is a bigger threat to America then any foreign power !


Only when a Republican is president. Otherwise it’s like the criticism of Obama’s for the doubling of the national debt but the pointing to congress to blame now that Trumps president.


Oh I know, burn the economy. Maga


Trade wars, maga…


Do Starbucks and the NFL comprise of the entirety of the US economy?


No, it’s just a start. No telling which institutions will be attacked next.


You are truly a fool. President Trump’s economic boosts have encouraged travel which has boosted the consumption (demand) for gasoline which has boosted the price for same.


No fuck the NFL and Starbucks and make America Great Again !
Only rich elitist want to punish America’s Working citizens that had the ball’s to vote for the only candidate campaigning to addressed working citizens issues plus Making America Great Again Donald J Trump !


Take a chill pill, and stop hating on American business.


Of course not but they do represent wealthy people who take our freedom for granted .
Starbucks forcing their employees to work around corp. directives rather then trust the employees judgement to deal with issues better handled on site !
The players of the NFL desecrate the National Colors !


Of course Presidents are responsible for their budget .
They have the veto to work with and then congress needs a 2/3 majority to overturn the veto .
Did I miss a veto ?


We are pretty good at fighting wars . Lets get it on !


I hope all the left wing collages are next on the list ! They are hotbeds of unrest / rioting / hate speach and debauchery ! That will be most all with few exceptions ! Military academy come to mind !


Yeah your right.

Much better to be like you and hate half of America.


It’s called creative destruction… if it no longer fulfills the needs of consumers it is discard in favor of something else… perhaps baseball will make a return…