Crash the economy of working American's


And the TIC mocked Obama’s 400 billion dollar deficit, while signing a trillion dollar one. :roll_eyes:


Lol, Vietnam, A-Stan are well fought wars.


On what list…


You would have whined if he had vetoed it and shut down the government… guess we will see what happens to the budget process next time… I hear we are going to have 7 different appropriation bills rather than an omnibus… that is progress and much more of a ‘line item’ veto than what we seem to have had since 1997. That would be amazing if Trump actually managed to push congress to produce a real budget again…


“No, it’s just a start. No telling which institutions will be attacked next.”
That list !


But the TIC promised balanced budgets, said they were easy and would take very little time. Lol. On his first chance to prove his prowess, His GOP controlled congress brought him a budget with a trillion dollar deficit and the fool signed it. So much for running balanced budgets when it’s time to shut your fat mouth and actually deliver. And to think he was ridiculing Obama’s 400 billion deficit.


We gave up Vietnam because of the MSM’s press coverage and progressive collages teaching their students how to riot and make bombs !


So no balanced budgets, ballooning deficits and a growing national debt. All the opposite of what the TIC promised and the trumper calls this maga. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Getting things done generally takes more time when assholes obstruct like Chuckie Schumer and Nanny Pelosi do 24/7.


Lol sure blame Trump and not the local govt

They trash themselves.

Bc they do it too

They are a sinking ship we no longer subsidize

And if we were to bomb them you would be the first to cry “hurr Drunmft a war monger”


Did Someone miss nearly $4 per gallon average with FALLING demand during the Obama Admin?


Coming from the same guy that glorified 911 terrorist as BRAVE MEN !!! What a scumbag !!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage:


That was the point, when gas prices rose during the Obama administration it was his fault. Now they’re rising during the Trump administration but it’s somebody else’s fault.


You must admit that Trumps stump was to rebuild the military and of course to do that, he was forced to pander to democrats in an omnibus bill. He ‘says’ that he got what the military needed and he won’t sign such a rotten bill again… we will see soon enough. You really can’t blame him for the pork without a line item veto on an actual budget.


Only in your mind.

Commodities rise and fall with the economy.


July 23 2010 corn was 7.89 per bushel .
July 16 2012 soybeans were $17.57 per bushel .
From 1970 until around 2007 soybeans averaged around $7.50 per bushel and corn for the same time $2.25 per bushel .
Obama didn’t get blamed or get credit for it !


Who the hell was talking about soy beans. I said Obama was blamed for high gas prices during his administration but the same people who blamed him will blame someone/something other than the TIC, now that they’re rising on his watch. Same thing the right is doing on every other point.


You miss the part about Falling Demand during the Obama increase in gas prices. Market naturally goes up when demand rises. Should have fallen under Obama but his regulation etc… raised prices.


Hmmm, Trump actually proposed the elimination of all tariffs and trade barriers worldwide and our ‘allies’ soiled their panties- especially Justin ‘Ya know my dad was important’ Trudeau

As to meeting with Kim, if it pans out, it’s great for the world, and terrible for the Democrats. Interesting, eh?


You were talking commodity soybeans and corn are commodity and if you think about it affect poor American more then the price of fuel !