Crash the economy of working American's


Alienating allies and befriending the murderous regimes of North Korea and Russia. Maga baby.

North Korea isn’t now and never has been a threat to the US. Nor is Iran, nor was Iraq and Libya. Permanent war economy is the cause of all of it.



It’s part of the economy , duh , double DUH !
In Arkansas 20,177 jobs were generated by the soybean i ndustry in the Delta region in eastern Arkansas and billions in valued added.
Raising and crushing soybeans and refining soybean oil contributes $17.65 billion in sales output, the industry provides more than 57,200 Illinois jobs,
Soybeans added $ 369,000,000,000 and 4,000,000 JOBS to US ECONOMY !!!


All allies and all fucking America’s manufactures and workers !
America incurred a -$862.7 million trade deficit in 2017, up 8.1% from the -$797.8 billion negative balance during 2016.
Mexico: -$74 billion
Japan: -$72.2 billion
Germany: -$66.7 billion
Vietnam: -$40.3 billion
Ireland: -$38.3 billion
Italy: -$33.1 billion
Malaysia: -$25.3 billion
India: -$24.9 billion
South Korea: -$24.9 billion
Among America’s trading partners that cause the greatest negative trade balances, US deficits with Vietnam (up 19.6%), Italy (up 10.6%) and Mexico (up 10.4%) grew at the fastest pace from 2016 to 2017. America’s largest country-specific deficit is with China, which expanded by 8.2% year over year.

These cashflow deficiencies clearly indicate America’s competitive disadvantages with the above countries, but also represent key opportunities for United States to develop country-specific strategies to strengthen its overall position in international trade.


What does that have to do with Trump’s nastiness, accusing allies of things they HAVE NOT done. Showing up late to the summit, skipping a scheduled meeting, refusing to sign the agreement, leaving early and then tweeting out more nastiness while over the Atlantic. No wonder you guys are such a minority. :roll_eyes:


Yet mysteriously people don’t think that’s a problem.


Wait, your off topic.

what a surprise.


How dense are you that’s a -$797.8 billion negative balance that your allies have lobbied the Congresses for ! Taking the money away from American manufactures and American workers !
Showing up late because the President of the United States of America can do it !
Skipping scheduled meeting because the President of the United States of America can do it !
Refusing to sign the agreement because the President of the United States of America can do it !
Leaving early and then tweeting out more nastiness while over the Atlantic because the President of the United States of America can do it !


Minority 307 electoral votes , 33 Republicans governors , Republican Party holds 51 seats in the Senate
Republican Party was in the majority, holding 235 seats image


:laughing::laughing: Where the fu@k have you been ? Last check republicans OWN the presidency , the House and the Senate !!! TRY HARDER TO STAY CURRENT !!! :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Yes, minority. Not all conservatives support Trump, and the GOP is increasingly disgruntled with the TIC, as evidenced by their recent disapproval of his G7 meltdown. And don’t forget his minority JAR numbers.


Get real the President is shitting Gold he just signed a executive agreement with little rocket man !
More jobs then citizens on the unemployment list !


And what does that get us, shrug. He’s pushing our allies away while embracing the worlds formost civil rights abuser, the most murderous regime on the planet. In this “executive agreement” NK agreed to not much more than they have in the past. The hypocrites berated Obama for seeking to normalize relations with Cuba, and are licking the TIC’s fat ass for treating this thug better than our closest allies. Truly a pathetic display of patronizing garbage.


Trump says he’ll end joint US/SC military exercises, left the door open to removing the 25K US troops stationed in SC. Those are the provocations that have impeded the peace in the region to begin with.


At this moment, Kim is the big winner. For weeks, SHS repeated that there would be no meeting until the WH saw “concrete steps toward denuclearization”. But as it happened, that and any prerequisites were dropped. So Kim got the legitimacy and huge propaganda boost that he needed back home. He has given up nothing. Also, the US has adopted the North Koreans language of complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. North Korea doesn’t compromise the entire peninsula. What North Korea has insisted as denuclearization of the peninsula is to mean much more than an end to North Korea’s nuclear program, but to include a cessation to US/SC military exercises, removal of US troops from South Korea and no US ICBM’s or nuclear weapons there, and no US defensive missile systems. All of which is far more important to China who summoned Kim twice to Beijing earlier in the year for coaching.


I thought you wanted to do something different… No shit that most of the establishment breastfeeders are upset. Trump is going around telling home truths and telling them to their face that he will have nothing to do with their BS… sometimes to change things, you have to break some eggs and Trump is doing exactly what we asked him to do… and he isn’t even collecting a paycheck…:rofl::rofl::rofl:


Muh… It might look that way and Kim did get the spot light… he made the grandiose statements of ‘denuclearization’ and he did it in a very public way to the world. It will be hard for him to walk the ‘Ending the state of war’ and ‘denuclearizing the peninsula’ comments without loosing more credibility than he gains, at least on the world stage. Its very interesting that you are always talking about ‘doing something different’ and when someone does, you take it as a negative. Trump is the first president to engage with NKorea face to face… Will he achieve anything?.. I don’t know, but the end result will be no better than the last 65 years of hand wringing that actually lead to Kim obtaining a nuclear weapon… By the way… suspending war games is just that, a suspension… and has absolutely nothing to do with nuclear weapons as the US has never staged any in that country (that I have ever heard of) …


Unemployment numbers are never accurate…remember all that. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Beans your source please . Iv’e pretty heard the same statement on the radio all guesses and innuendo on facts !


They are a good indication of citizens looking for work month to month !