Crash the economy of working American's


President Trump said that America would temporally stop US/SC military exercises and as long as North Korea held up their side of the agreement !
For the first time in decades there maybe peace on the Korean Peninsula and there is a chance that millions need not die in the next Korean war ! And all you see is your own selfish interest and hate for half our nation and that my friend is pathetic !


But it doesn’t matter what the TIC says. When the issue of a meeting between the TIC and KIM was first suggested, day after day in the DWB, SHS repeatedly stated that it wouldn’t take place until “concrete steps were taken towards denuclearization”. Well, the meeting is now behind us and there STILL HAVE BEEN NO concrete steps in that direction. Trump is a liar. Just like when he said he’d have balanced budgets, just like when he said that he’d lock her up, just like when he said if the government shuts down it’s the presidents fault, just like when he promised to pay off the national debt…He’s a LIAR.


Your friend??? How can you talk to me as you do and call me your friend. A little patronizing I’d say.


Maybe 31 Million life’s at stake and you want to posture ?


Surly we can disagree and still be cordial ? My friend .


That would be lovely if you’d be so.


Lmfao, DO NOT pretend to care about North Koreans.


I care about all nationality and want only the best for everyone .


It’s not the North Koreans that are bad people. It’s been their ruling dynasty for the last three generations.