Mike Pence pushed creationism a bit, which made me chuffed. Creationism is much maligned academically, but hold back on your prejudices, because creationism is actually the best common sense thing.

You should see creationism as the alternative to materialism and postmodernism. I am not talking about Christian or Muslim creationism, but generic creationism, the basic structure of a creation theory.

With materialism only the logic of fact is facillitated, the existence of material is a matter of fact. This leaves subjectivity, like beauty, nowhere, there is no facillity for subjective opinion in materialism.

So then they made postmodernism, which asserts that subjective opinion is inherent in statements of fact. That makes no strict sense, but still it’s better than materialism, because it provides some facillity to subjective opinion.

But the best thing is ofcourse to provide facillity to both subjective opinion, and objective fact, each in their own right. And that is creationism.

Creationism has two domains, creator and creation. Subjective opinions apply to the creator category, and objective facts apply to the creation. Choice is the mechanism of creation, it is how things originate.

Consider the phrase “I find this painting beautiful”. The opinion is formed by spontaneous expression of emotion with free will, choosing the opinion. The opinion it is ugly could also have been chosen. The word “beautiful” identifies a love for the way the painting looks as agency of the choice to say it is beautiful. So the logic of subjective opinion is to make a choice about what it is that makes a choice, resulting in a subjective opinion on what it is that makes a choice.

The logic of fact in creationism is the same as the logic in materialism, except it is added that facts solely apply to creations. A fact is obtained by evidence of a creation forcing to produce a 1 to 1 corresponding model of it. If I say “there is a mango tree by the river” then those words are essentially a 1 to 1 corresponding model of said tree, forced by the evidence of it.

So you see this is great, both opinion and fact validated, each in their own right, in one conceptual scheme.

But this is also important politically. A materialist, or a postmodernist, politician, is not going to provide a proper place for emotions, subjectivity. Both nazism and communism were highy materialistic. Nazism in viewing character of people as a factual issue of race science, and communism with dialectic materialism.

Could it be that a large part of Democrat insanity is explained by the materialism endemic at colleges? The almost universal explicit denial of creationism at universities must be seriously undermining emotional maturity, because subjectivity is a creationist concept.


Then I think I can make the case that what is happening right now, reality as it is behaving the very way it is behaving now, as it behaved in the past and as it will behave in the future is exactly how it is expecting itself to behave, because the universe is ultimately precise with it’s behaviors. It makes no mistakes, all that is happening is a perfect manifestation of reality and thus reality as it is is objectively moral, much like a christian would say the creation is good and perfect absolutely, because it is in an absolute way the will of God, the will of the universe and the will of existence itself. If that is the case there is no need to seek what ought to be, because what is already is what ought to be.


Creationism - evolution. Just one long miracle. I had a Jesuit teacher tell me ( us ): “We are where we are, because of the miracle of evolution”. Had to be the very best Christain approach to evolution. Works well.


God gave man free will when he created him…


That was very creative of him. Good thing he didn’t create a bunch of creatures inclined towards groupthink, we’d be in a lot of trouble if he did that.