Croatia v. England


The last World Cup Semi Final Game begins in 6 minutes.

I am pulling for Croatia!


One nil, sunshine :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Yep…on a penalty kick.

The Croatian goalie looked like a slacker on that shot.

However, Croatia controlled the ball 52% of the time in the first half. There is hope. They have come from behind before.


Free kick. That’s called a free kick. From 25 yards. Over a wall of people.


Those Africans you got are playing well today for England.




I’m looking forward to the senegal/Jamaica final


Okay. I don’t know all the rules, but I do think a penalty generated that shot.

I just wish Croatia would make a touchdown.:rofl:


Is that for the Red Cross Ambulance?


Can we call a crusader on America yet?


What a goal!..


Somewhat high feet but we’ll deserved


No higher than on an overhead kick.


That makes two dodged bullets in a row for the Brits.


Dangerous play is more flinging feet where someone’s head is and you know that’s what you’re doing. An overhead can be dangerous but it’s contiguous on someone’s head going for the ball that you know about


I guess I’ll have to wait another 30 minutes or more to find out who wins.

Oh well, the yard work can wait.


2-1 Croatia!


Is that it? Game over?


No…about 2 minutes left…in the overtime period. If it gets tied up again, there will be a shoot out…a goalie’s nightmare!

When Croatia beat Russia, it was by a shoot out…4-3


Now it is OVER!!

Croatia 2-1

Take down the British Flags!!