Croatia v. England


English flags, ya genius. Fair play though, England didn’t have the heart for it


They had the heart…they just lacked a real set of balls.

As much as I dislike the pompous ass French, I will REALLY be pulling for Croatia on Sunday!


Perhaps England can take Third Place on Saturday when they play Belgium.


Enlighten me. What’s the difference between England and Great Britain?


Congrats on a great tournament for the English. They exceeded expectations.


England is the country of the English, Great Britain is England, Scotland and Wales, and the United Kingdom is Great Britain and Northern Ireland.


Calling it now, 3-0 Belgium


It is quite an accomplishment to even be invited to the tournament. The USA didn’t make the cut this year.

As many know, the winning of a single game often depends on one shot that easily could have missed the mark…or one call that a referee got wrong.

I applaud every team that played.

Uruguay got screwed…all the more reason for me to pull for Croatia on Sunday.


It’s not a matter of invitation, teams have to qualify. America had a down year, as did normal powerhouse Italy, and they failed to make the tournament.

The two remaining finalists deserve to be exactly where they are. Belgium and England had super tournament experiences. Russia should also be applauded for their rugged play and as host.

Hey, it’s a game, a pastime. But it’s a beautiful game when played at this highest level.


That is why I watch it often…especially the World Cup.

Soccer is one of the few team sports that I like. I prefer one on one challenges…boxing, tennis, ping pong, …etc.


That is why I said the USA didn’t make the cut.


You missed it by “that much”! did Maxwell Smart.