“In The New York Times, additional information about a government informant leaked, including that the source met with Papadopoulos and Page to collect information. The information on an alleged source in the Trump campaign is so sensitive they can’t give it to Congress, but they can leak it to friendly press outlets like the Post and Times. It’s an odd posture for the Justice Department to take.”

"This New York Times story may have been designed to inoculate the FBI against revelations coming out of the inspector general report, but the net result was to affirm the fears of many Americans who are worried that the U.S. government’s law enforcement and intelligence agencies abused their powers to surveil and target Americans simply for their political views and affiliations. "


The uncovering of this will be the most important bit of legal news in a century. This will destroy Obama’s reputation far worse than anything that happened to Nixon and as I am sure we will discover, the Clinton’s are neck deep in easily identifiable things in recent years, it could actually reopen a litany of crimes going all the way back to Arkansas… and might even push Bill into a paternity test proving that he has a black son… I think that the ‘deep state’ has lost control of events and we just might get a glimpse behind Oz’s certain…


As Hillary reportedly said after the election of Donald J. Trump,

“We are fucked!”

If this is not the epitome of “chickens coming home to roost”, there isn’t one.


This is also a case study about how the media is used to position political thought. Burying items on paragraph 70 today and using the same print items in the future as “old news.”

Another case of circular journalism. Our political elite have learned their lessons so well. Orwell and TASS would be so proud.

Ladies and gentlemen we are being played at the highest level.


Only in a democrat Administration can this happen with the media ,law enforcement , DOJ, and citizens turning a blind eye to corruption simply because they hate a president so bad ! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


As slow as the truth is to come out, often the current news stories utilize old news to lay the groundwork for the new revelations.


I’m not terribly convinced of that… Had any other Republican won the nomination… perhaps even Cruz, all of this would have been a non issue and as we have seen with much of the voting in congress, a good many republicans appear to be far closer to democrats than they are with members of the Freedom Caucus. I’m not so sure that many of the skeletons that are clearly obvious in the Clinton camp don’t permeate all of Washington. The corruption is deep and vast and business and politicians work hand in hand to protect each other.


I suspect the MSM will bury it and few Americans will hear about it.


Somebody explain, please, how using GOVERNMENT paid spies to screw around inside an opposition political campaign is not far worse than the outside hires involved in Watergate.

Be nice if you do a little tap dance while telling us.


How is the Russians intervening in our elections any different than the FBI or any other government agency???


NYTimes is playing it off as an investigation into the ties certain individuals had with Russia rather than spying on a campaign… I’m thinking this isn’t going to play well but they can keep swinging for the right field fence but all they are going to do is get pop flies that land right back in the DNC bleachers.


And yet the names Obama, Yates, and Holder seldom are heard. The incestuous DC MSM industrial complex has circled the wagons.

It’s all about THEM. Every sentence contains the word ELECTIONS. The NOBILITY forces the proles to eat their s—.

Go watch Dancing with the Stars and don’t worry your pretty little heads. We are in charge and know what’s good for you little snowflake.

If the American people are stupid enough to give the gavel back to Pelosi in November than they deserve what they get.


That’s because they have more hate for Trump than a willingness to seek out the truth and restore law and order .


Same thing happened to Reagan by the same spy. Stefan Halper was named as the spy that worked on Reagan’s team back in the 80’s. That scandal was not brought to light until well after the fact.

But few people seem to notice. Few seems to care. That’s what The Democrats count on. The fact that Americans will probably remain willfully ignorant.


The MSM helps them in that regard by keeping the American public unwittingly ignorant. If telling the truth impedes their narrative, they either spin it or ignore it.

An untruth repeated enough becomes a perceived truth. That is why the MSM outlets parrot each other incessantly.


My take on what I have recently read as I didn’t know anything about this is that rather than it being done ‘to’ Reagan, it was being done ‘by’ the Reagan campaign against the Carter administration…


“The Russians” are not part of American government. They aren’t even a “government agency”. If there were “intervening” It would perhaps be considered espionage or perhaps an act of war. T’is sad to see civics are no longer taught in America - or so the evidence of your statement might suggest.


Well… I guess the short answer is that I would EXPECT Russians to attempt to influence American politics but I damn well wouldn’t expect or condone a US government agency attempting to do ANYTHING to guide the outcome of a free and fair election.


Really the Russians are not a part of the us givernment

Who would have thought

But then again you totally missed the point