Crying Chuck wants diversity, the hell with qualifications


Crying Chuck claims PresidentTrump’s administration was “taking a giant step backwards” in terms of diversity. Democrats are more interested in unqualified blacks than qualified whites . How would crying Chuck react if someone said that there are too many Jews in the Democratic Party which speaks volumes for their lack of diversity. My God what has the democratic party turned into the last 30 years ?


How many African-American brain surgeons did Obama appoint?


So now we have a Leftist Liberal Democrat making a decision based on ethnicity. Any charges of Racism??? How about Religious Discrimination against another Jew. No massive public protests!!! No criticism by the Leftist media!!!
What would have happened if Sen. Tim Scott ( black) made that statement??? He would be a target of the Senate Ethics Committee!!!


No disrespect to your comment but I would rephrase it…

'How many black American brain surgeons did Obama appoint.

I personally am not Scottish-American or German-American…


The same stupid claims of racism and sexism never apply to liberals they are above reproach.


Especially support