Cultural Divergency At Its Finest


At some point people will start to get the idea that to amalgamate culture… a lot of people are going to die… and they will be the weakhanded peace seekers… because at the end of the day, some people don’t want to be friends with you… the either want to kill you or dominate you.

(Video Graphic Killing… while not as shocking as some, brutal non the less)


When one gets blamed for the nearsightedness of others because you happen to share some common features with others from years pasted , why the hell would you want to be in their company ? Diversity has to be inclusive as well as welcoming to all and that means whites too !


Zaida Catalán was killed while on a UN mission to the Democratic Republic of the Congo in March 2017. On 12 March 2017, Catalán and another UN employee were kidnapped during a mission near the village Ngombe in the Kasai Province in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They were both found dead on 27 March. Catalán had been beheaded and was found in a shallow grave.

Well I guess those idiots got what they deserved, I’m glad. Anyway I like how the UN acts real surprised and shocked like they didn’t know that would happen.


Heart warming story of stupidity’s victory over bigotry.


I vote to move the whole United Nations building from New York to the Congo.


These guys weren’t aid-workers (more like AIDS-workers, am I right?) or there for charity. They were globalist agents. Once you’re working for the UN, you give up your right to merely be called naive when traveling to shitholes - you’ve chosen to be on the side of evil. The Congolese probably correctly identified them as enemy agents.


I hated wearing the blue of the UN - it was almost as if you were a walking target. The UN is riddled with complacency, idiocy, corruption, inertia, stupidity and nepotism from tip to toe. It stopped serving its purpose decades ago. Its a talking shop where, without the indignation and action of its members acting individually, nothing at all apart from the occasional strongly worded statement would ever get done. A toothless undemocratic cloak of bureaucracy for which no single entity ever takes responsibility for its action / inaction.


Were you military peacekeeping forces or a part of the rank and file? The foreign UN peacekeeping guys I worked with all got “assigned” as part of their career track. They all hated it.


A white women alone in the darkest of Africa rounded up by a tribe in warmode. What could possibly go wrong?


Its tragic. But then again, she died for the cause she believes in, so she must be happy, while working diligently with other to bring said cultural enrichment of the African continents back to Sweden. And again, what warrants the millions dollars of aids that pour into these countries year after year again?


What happened to this woman was terrible and that video was truly frightening. Her death shouldn’t be laughed at. We’re talking about a real tragedy and the loss of two lives who were on a mission to help.


Who were they helping exactly? By bringing more migrants into Europe for welfare, who is she helping but herself and her feel-good crew?


I don’t really think anyone is laughing at her death… only a very few of the population would actually like to witness much less participate in an execution and would likely loose their lunch over a beheading. I think that the point here is that she is a naive foot soldier for those who want to homogenize the world… It might happen but it won’t happen without the deaths of hundreds of millions who just wanted to live their life without having another culture forced on it…