DACA Recipients Temporarily Block Disneyland Entrance


If Obama executed an illegal order, why wasn’t he charged accordingly. Why did congress, senate and the judiciary allow it to stand, why did the affected agencies implement it, hmm?


Illegals from another country were here first? Grade school must have been tough for you. Let me help you out with that.


I guess they didn’t teach you about Manifest Destiny and the Mexican American war when you went to school.


Leftists say that daca recipients shouldnt be held accountable for their parents’ actions.
Yet the same leftists keep crying about slavery and


Today the TIC told reporters that DACA deal equals path to citizenship in 10-12 years. :wink:


Monte, although Infidel and Typhoon are narrow minded RACISTS, they have the same Constitutional Rights that everyone has,as distasteful as that maybe.However,they show that they can’t INTELLIGENTLY debate you.It’s hard to talk to a JACKASS.
As I have said before,we may not like some of the courts decisions,but our justice system is the best there is and.we have to accept them.
Monte,I’m not kissing up to you, and we agree to disagree on issues, but you make alot of good points on this one!!!
I hope Infidel and Typhoon the Buffoon go to an uninhabited island and establish their own Racist Country far,far away.


Do want your country to be overloaded with foreigners that hate you? You should do a more research about white genocide and learn what’s happening.


Cant really debate someone intelligently if they cant read.


I suppose that the Louisiana Purchase was illegitimate too?.. in that case so was the so called Mexico when it attempted to take the boundaries created by the Spanish… get over yourself… history happens and Spain wasn’t blameless in the Spanish America War… By the way… who was it that pushed McKinney into that war with Spain anyway… Their is a very long trend here by the party of ‘LUV’…


I always understood that would be the likely outcome for DACA… the devil of course is in the detail and that is where democrats and so called ‘moderate’ republicans will have a problem… I’m am hoping that while persistent in his demand for the wall to prevent other Obamas from ignoring our border, that he takes the full throated step of mandatory E-Verify (retroactive)… that should take care of a large part of the remainder of those who find themselves without employment or benefits…


You can tell who the America hating trolls are here fairly easily. But the police, instead of “relocating” them to the sidewalk should have relocated them to Mexico.


I support a merit based entry system and limits on chain migration and MANDATORY use of E verify. Looking at the big picture , I still believe we can’t deport all the Dreamers.The expense would be to great along with the possible resistance from those who benefit from the cheap labor.
I still believe the Dreamers should have some type of legal status and go to the back of the line behind those seeking citizenship.They must be working and be able to read,write and speak English, and be eligible for instate tuition until they become citizens.
Liberals must realize we can’t accept everyone that wants to come here. If they want them,they can feed,clothe,educate and take care of them medically with their own money and No one else’s.


I can sympathize with that sentiment Freedom, but it doesn’t work that way, or else none of my tax dollars would finance our gratuitous wars in the ME.


A merit based immigration system…isn’t that what we have right now? Of course, the illegals who came here Illegally or the illegals who overstayed their travel visas never bothered going through the immigration system. But now their problems are my problems to worry about? You also bring up the expense of deporting them. Keeping Pedro, Maria and their 12 kids here has also been very expensive.


Relocated and not arrested.

Special treatment for special people.



One would think thy would lay low and wait patiently for their amnesty. But her activism incites the deport them all attitude.


We can only hope and cross our fingers and tell them # timesup !!! :wink:


Of course dreamers aren’t a major or even significant part of the illegal population… I to believe in Mandatory E-Verify and I believe it should be administered to every single employee in this country retroactively… That should take care of the problem nicely… employers would then have a grace period to replace workers or prove without a doubt that they are irreplaceable… That alone will send entire extend families home because with no economic viability in the US, the become economic migrants back to their own countries. It sounds harsh but we WILL be here again as we are now from the 1986 amnesty… We either fix the problem for our citizens and legal residents, or we don’t.


Trump says he’s open to citizenship for dreamers. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: And Brietbart now refers to the TIC as amnestydon. Oh the base is getting Hot under the collar.