Daughter of top EU official raped and murdered in Germany by Afghan Migrant


She was raped and then drowned before her body was found in the River Dreisam.

AN Afghan migrant has admitted the rape and murder of a medical student, who also worked voluntarily at a refugee centre.

On October 26 Mr Ladenburger and his wife Frederika placed a memorial notice for Maria in the Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper.

It read: "Maria was for 19 years a singular ray of sunshine for our family, and that she will remain.
“We thank God for this gift, that he made you with us. We are sure that she is safe with him.”

A funeral requiem was held for Maria on October in Notre Dame des Graces Church in Brussels.
On December 6 this year Maria would have been 20.


What was the purpose of posting this? Just because one particular incident is done by a migrant you guys automatically think that all migrants are bad. How narrow minded can you guys get? Most of the refugees there want a new life, regardless if you guys like it or not. Horrific crimes done by migrants are rare - unlike German men who commit more rape of German women than migrants do.


Got any proof to back that claim up? Did you not see what happened in Germany on New Year’s Eve last year? Cologne was an absolute nightmare and there have been rape attacks ongoing since the Germans started welcoming in to their country. They don’t call them rapefugees for nothing.


what a horrible animal did this. a terrible crime deserving of the highest penalty.

but to suggest this is representative of an entire people??? that is among the most ignorant thing one can say.

thank you @h8n for speaking the truth. Thank you VERY much. You set these hatful views in the proper light.

these postings are almost like a crusade it is sickening to see the hate.

we need to continue to seek out and prosecute criminals but understand the difference of refugees scared to death not like most here that CABLE might go out in the middle of the big game but that they might be killed in some’event’.

WE as a nation need to get our priorities straight and realize we don’t just live alone in this world that if not for the grace of god…and too many in this country preach but do not understand that part …at all.

thank you for calling it for what it is.

you said it very well…others here should strive to be so compassionate.


Of course! German men are the problem. How stupid of me. Nice way of panicking about something negative being being brought to light about the migration of a bunch of third-world animals that you had to crank out some utterly ridiculous explanation. German men rape much more then Afghan men. Sure. Do me a favor. Put on your hotpants and move to Kandahar - let me know how that works out for you.


Actually this is the only one that has gotten the attention of the isolated and well protected EU hierarchy… These crimes have happened by the hundreds in Germany alone but globalist Merkel has suppressed most of it and created hate laws to combat the rest… The only way this gets the attention of the elitist is for it to personally affect them…


Funny you should frame the argument this way… I have been saying the same thing about gun control laws for a long time… the gun never killed anyone, it was the animal behind the trigger and just like the millions of other gun owners, they shouldn’t be tarred with the same brush…


funny you always ignore what I have said.

the background check has a 72 hour default acceptance. that could have saved the 9 in NC.

do you not know about that or are you just ignoring it because you keep repeating the same crap over and over and its not true.

stop it.

learn about the background checks and be honest about it Scott.

you are not being honest.


I’m being honest… If I felt you were being honest then background checks would be routine but I don’t believe that you are honest… I don’t believe that background checks are all you want… because I already know that people think ‘lists’ are a good idea… and other think Australia is a good idea… and that smart guns are a good idea and … and … and of course that no legal guns are a good idea but as we can see with immigration… even if you stopped legal immigration completely … the illegal ones would pour in… and yes… a background check in this one instance might have prevented it but in far to many people purchased their guns after passing a background check… which leads me to not trust your honesty in the matter…


I can fully appreciate that response. and I nor anyone can certainly cannot control all the anti gun people.

but what we can say is …do this…and if you do this it will…

  1. be the right thing to do…end the 72 hour FBI limit to check a background check. If it takes two weeks it takes two weeks…if the person ahs a felony pending and there is no answer…it may take longer…so let it take longer…but don’t intentionally hold it up.

That would be enough and it would be right to do.

we can make progress if we focus on what we agree on.

but standing still is not an option, in my opinion.


Progressive have proven time and time again that ‘compromise’ is merely a step to… ‘more compromise’… as long as one person uses a firearm for suicide, one person commits a murder with a firearm the option of ‘not standing still’ is the only direction that progressives know…

When your mantra is ‘moving forward’ (whatever that means)again I say I do not trust your honesty in this matter…


Quite honestly every rape and murder done by a refugee should be another nail in the coffin of the globalist progressive movement, but instead they along with the puppets in the mainstream media just double down on their tolerance. None of this makes sense! How can people be such useful idiots?


And who is jumping to conclusions?

Who is labeling people?

Curious, would she be alive today if they would not allowed have allowed Afghans into the country?


Everyone please be careful what you say about these precious refugees. We don’t want our progressive friends to have to confront reality today…or do we:


Italy’s referendum looks like one more nail in the coffin of the Statist and a kneecap to the EU… I’m thinking that Italy is fixing to become a very unfriendly place to the refeugee problem caused by the EU and its leader sudoleader Merkel…


##Allow Me to Un-Cuck the Liberal Record


I wonder @Sarah how much reality you have had to confront? besides just casting off people in poor conditions I wonder how you would fare? I doubt you would fare well. You might have some compassion for people in need. but for the grace of God…if you belive…it is sobering.

is this the hypotetical you were talking about? what about if we didn’t help anyone? how are you making out now?

opinion not backed up with ay logic.

opinion. not backed up with any logic.

would be to those safe fat and happy in their homes to be exposed for one week what these good people who have lost everything go thru…I can only see anyone who calls themselves Christians the blasphemy aginst the teachings of their King they speak.

And I am an Athiest. and I cant believe the hypocrisy it would make any God cry if there was one.

be proud in the way you discard these poor people. in this Christmas Season it must be especially heartening for you.

wow. and you call yourselves compassionate??? how pathetic.


Did I post something that bothered you?

I don’t need to explain a damn thing to you about my personal experiences and struggles in this life.

Again, you don’t know me and don’t know what I can handle. Don’t claim as if you do.

I have compassion for many people in need. I have no compassion for fighting age men who don’t have the balls to stand up and fight in their own countries or the willingness to solve their own problems in their own countries. I especially don’t have any compassion for these same men who brutally rape and murder innocent women. If someone had a plan to execute every last one of them in the streets tomorrow, I’d support it.

If you support these rapists and murderers then you are one sick twisted man and perhaps they would welcome you in as one of their own.


I’m making out fine as you divert the discussion to your own agenda.

Answer the question.

Would she be alive today and add to that are you willing to sacrifice your daughter and your wife to allow more refugees into the US?


that is a BS question @LouMan

you deflect again…