Daughter of top EU official raped and murdered in Germany by Afghan Migrant


@Sarah I post to you because I know you can take it and I want to challenge you honestly and factually I want you to back up what you say as I want you to make me back up what I say by real legitimate sources.

I just wanted to understand where you are coming from re the rfugees.there are many criminals who get into these camps there are also many good scared families who are terriffyed and have lost everything rhey own.

I wonder if many of us could ever understand at all.

I have met many over the years from Vietnam to today…i am grateful that i can hire some who have made it to the USA and I can tell you if many people here would see the good in these people it would make many big macho talkers here cry like a baby that such vile hateful lies are said about them.

That is why I posted.

I enjoy your stuff and look forward to reading a lot more of your views. You have an strong opinion and I hope to see it a lot.


It is you who deflects avoiding the question.
BS or not it’s how you approach issues you really don’t want to address. Your attitude of being generous as long as it doesn’t affect you is common among the left here and everywhere else.
Imagine how the family of Maria felt.
Think they said it’s ok because we are helping so many more?


No one is blaming the victim other than all of you anti-refugee crusaders. Refugees are victims, yet their lives are somehow worth less than the poor victim of this crime? I don’t think so. The blatant racism is staggering to comprehend.


No one period is blaming the victim. The government is responsible for allowing the people into the country just like San Fran was responsible for Katie Stifle’s death.

The left just doesn’t care about the people that are are affected by their stupid decisions.


No Steve… not opinion… history…

As far as looking after people, their is no one here who doesn’t care about the poor, the problem is that you review the fix differently… you are quite happy to steal fish from everyone else’s boat and give them to people without and we are in to teaching them how to fish for their damn self. Do not preach Steve. If anyone has helped lead to the absolute moral decay it is people like you who have turned your back on biblical teachings and adopted your own relative moralist code that can be changed on a whem… Get over yourself…


no that is exactly what it is…if you were in their shoes you would be squealing like a pig.


No that is opinion backed up with no logic and we still have a long history of progressive providing only one solution to everything… Rob Peter… Pay Paul… Solicit Paul’s vote… Repeat…


again you have opinion…that is all. slanted and biased at that.


Jeffery Dahmer ate his victims so all white people are cannibal necrophiliacs!



Merkel publicly dismisses the migrant rape & murder of Maria Ladenburger, a top EU official’s daughter as an “isolated incident” - hope the Germans do the right thing and get rid of this monster.

Here is a map of all of the “isolated incidents” committed by migrants that Merkel is referring to.


I love how the media and left dismisses a tradegy like this as they do in the US.

As long as they can feel good, pat themselves on their backs the hell with the affected Americans and little people of the world.


no one dismissed anything.

but we do abhor those who use these tragedies for hysteria fear mongering and hateful purposes against good refugees who are terrified away from home.

that is a special kind of low life.


Did you click on that map?


fear mongering is not something I spend a lot of time on.

I don’t find any value in it.


So presenting cold hard facts is now fear mongering?

The map is tied to verified news reports of migrant crime and takes an extra step of linking those news reports to the associated police blotter reports. That is not fear mongering, it’s analysis.


Labeled as fear mongering, fake news, anything to discount a reality many chose to ignore.


Don’t waste your breath @Wolf our dear friend @SteveSPHR has repeatedly expressed his unwillingness to click on links or read stories that might further fracture the fragile liberal narrative to which he subscribes, regardless of how factual or insightful the offering may be.


misrepresenting them is.


Oh wow, just seeing this now.

Are you saying that credible news reports of crimes committed and the police reports associated with said crimes are some sort of misrepresentation?


I did…I even took an extra step for those who won’t.