Daughter of top EU official raped and murdered in Germany by Afghan Migrant


I am saying associating Chancellor Merkels statement with this may is wholly bald faced dishonest.


She described the cases as “terrible isolated incidents”, Merkel argued there was no reason to suspect all refugees and claimed “the response of Germany’s rule of law” is enough to maintain order.

Comments like this and Merkel general attitude, not unlike our dear president’s is the root cause of what is being called ‘populism’ in the EU. Brexit was a direct result of Merkel deciding unilaterally to break EU immigration by inviting a million people to Germany with no ability to assimilate them and then tell the rest of Europe… tough, deal with it…


a minority of fearful fear mongers is what this is.

the crises will pass and Europe will return to normal again.


Are you out of your God damn mind? Hundreds of (reported) rapes and thousands of robberies and thousands of physical assaults…and it’s the people upset about this who are the problem?

Gee, I wonder if YOUR daughter got raped and murdered if you’d blame the victim, society, or anyone else but the perpetrator?

What is your problem?


He has great empathy for the refugees and none for the victims of the refugees.


what is your problem?

we all feel bad when tragedy happens but some of us dont lose out minds and get all wild googley eyed like your outburst friend.

Chancellor Merkel is correct.

as usual calmer heads prevail.

its not that complicated.


Unless that tragedy is about a black being shot or a Muslim being called a terrorist… but the white girls you helped liberalize are to blame for ‘enticing’ these sexually healthy and socially well adjusted refugees…


Unless it’s them.

How would the left act hug a refugee or be a bit angry at the wasted life tha could have been easily prevented.


Start watching at 3:40 - I linked it that way so you should have no trouble.


Keep an eye on this. If my theory is correct, the Muslim that did this will get a sentence that fits the crime. If this happens, then the families of the thousands of victims of Muslim migrant rapes and sexual assaults in Germany will be shown that the legal system only works for the ruling class. The rest of the population will be victimized by the state.