De Niro Displays His Great Intellect


Rather than propose any well thought out solutions to whatever it is that the liberal Hollywood elitists have come up with in their brainstorming of late, Robert “De Loser” De Niro throws childish F-bombs at our duly elected President Trump, thus cementing his star on the Hollywood Walk of Shame.

De Nuto De Niro is proving beyond all doubt that he is good at nothing more than acting out the thoughts of others. He possesses no semblance of original thought.

Poor baby! What a worthless son of a bitch he is!

Robert De Niro at the Tony Awards: 'F*ck Trump!'

I saw this got posted to Breitbart this morning. I didn’t watch the awards because I have no patience for Hollywood people, but I found Robert De Niro’s “speech” to be particularly noteworthy. All it takes these days if for elites to use foul language about the President to get standing ovations. It showed me that these people have absolutely no depth and no class. Disgusting.


In the past, this LOOSER said he wanted to punch President Trump in the face. I would hope President Trump would give him his chance,but I don’t believe it would turn out to good for him .
These Elitists always know what is right for everyone else except themselves and don’t have to live with the consequences.
They side with the homeless, but how would they like them to camp on their lawns ,crap,urinate on their property and shoot up drugs on their property.
That’s right most of them live in secure gated communities!!!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Just look at the company that turd keeps and you will understand the ignorance . :roll_eyes:


What would happen if conservative celebrities (if any) would say Fk you to a Liberal President??? I would say they would be LUCKY to star in a commercial. They would also have things thrown at them by the audience and escorted out of the building. :smiling_imp:


No president (democrat or republican) in history has ever deserved it until the TIC. :wink:


Absolutely agree, tired of the hurt feelings and sensitivity of the right. They have no feelings about calling Hillary every foul name, but let someone on my team tell the truth about what we all feel and the crocodile tears start flowing and offenses are raised.



All you LEFTISTS haven’t got over the election!!!Give it a break!!! President Trump has done a lot of good things such as lower unemployment rates for all ethnic groups, a thriving economy and getting LIL KIM to the negotiating table which your hero couldn’t do.
President Trump has let the Tehrani Towelheads know where they stand without paying them off. He showed the EU he isn’t afraid of them especially the LIMP WRISTED GIRLY MAN Trudeau. Your hero ENUCH or the Wicked Witch of the West would never accomplish this in less than 2yrs.




Don’t even play that game. You and everyone like you got all butthurt when anyone so much as gave King Nigger a dirty look (I can say that because I am one of those PoC and I can’t be racist…lol).


FUCK DE NIRO! He is a pseudo-intellectual actor…someone who pretends to be someone else…quite well. That is all he does well.


Can you imagine if someone got up at an awards show, seen by millions and said Fuck Obama? There would be calls for boycotts and apologies. Don’t you see the double standard?


I don’t much care. The Tonys, as one host called it-"fifty shades of gay’ is what it is. The butt plugs are butthurt about Mike Pence being VP- and El Presidente if Mueller succeeds in his quest. They love to hate Trump at a level one might expect a Klan rally to feel about Obama.

Who cares what DeNiro thinks? Good grief, he’s a man who makes his living pretending to be other men. The standing O was from a crowd who fetishize their hatred for Trump, and anyone to the right of Pol Pot.

November is what matters, not a part time SNL guest.


The moron thinks he is in the mafia … what an a$$hole !!!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Liberals are infamous for their attachment to double standards.


Get it out there, for confirmation.


Everyone that gave him the standing O and millions more across the country. Trumps quite despised by Americans. Seems that would be obvious.


LMAO! The whole studio audience at the worthless Tony Awards Show is hardly a microcosm of America. They are nothing more that liberal elite assholes patting each other on the back.

What is obvious is that you are brain dead.


The article is right you know


DeNiro can say what he wants. He’s just proving that liberals are nothing but mindless, degenerate savages. True Philistines.