Democrat Memo Released


WASHINGTON — House Democrats released a heavily redacted memorandum on Saturday that was drafted to counter Republican claims that top F.B.I. and Justice Department officials had abused their powers in spying on a former Trump campaign aide.


This memo is meant to give the Pissgate dossier some pedigree and legitimacy. Its just more meaningless noise.


Bug-eyed creep wasting more time with this bullshit. All we need to know is that Russian collusion is a hoax, the FBI lied to the FISA court to illegally spy on Trump and then tried to use their made up shit to either impeach him or tie his hands so he could get nothing done, all because their chosen cunt failed.


This whole “muh memo” vs “no muh memo” bullshit shows how far gone everything is.

In days of old the Democrats would have been beheaded by now for treason. The fact that they are dueling with memos is pathetic.


Released at 4pm on a Saturday, just as more confirmation comes pouring in on the 4 Coward County deputies who effectively stood down during an active shooting, only to have local PD charge in after it was too late.


No matter how you spin $hit it all still stinks ! :roll_eyes:


All three of these are going to have to be dealt with if we don’t want to see the Democrats take the Senate.

  1. Wall Construction: 0%.
  2. USAF still committing recreational acts of war against the state of Syria.
  3. Russiagate still not killed.

Maybe it’ll happen, maybe it won’t.


I don’t think most voters follow any of this but “The Wall” - and only because they don’t realize that simply Enforcing Existing Immigration Law - busting those who hire them - would put do 1000x more good than a wall for the MILLIONS of Americans who are currently “out of a job,” or working for 50% of their former wage, thanks to these vermin occupying American jobs.

If Trump wants to win in 2020, and see Nationalist Republicans win in the 2018 midterms, he will need to start rounding-up illegals working in American jobs now. As in, 1000 cases like this one per-week:

That one resulted in more black Americans getting jobs - which is always good news for Whites when blacks work vs welfare.

But we need many, many more stories about this with white employees - including white-collar tech-jobs.

Over 2x more graduates in Tech every year than jobs available, yet the government lets in over a million “cheap labor” H1Bs to twist their foreign-knives in the backs of American workers with student-loans, slashing wages for the Americans who manage to get hired, and sending the rest to work at Starbucks. And all the foreign vermin send their stolen American paycheck money “back home” to foreign countries - further wrecking our economy.


The latter two seem to matter quite a bit, at least here in Alabama. We have a pretty huge military presence, most Alabamans see Russia as a nation of fellow Christians with a badass president who purged the communists and is working to purge ISIS in Syria. They can’t understand why so many of our ruling elites want to send their sons (and daughters) back into the same old god-damned sandbox to help a bunch of hadjis fight these people when in a sane world they’d be our greatest allies.

…as for our other greatest allies, they’re slowly starting to… notice things… about the makeup of the people who are wrecking our country…

I don’t think the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the wall is really the main point. After all, it could always be finished by the time Trump leaves office only to be demolished in a few years on the orders of President Kamala Harris.

The point of a “wall” is scoring a morale victory more than anything. It’s a concrete item and also a single word to demonstrate Trump’s power to do what he said he was going to do. Anything else can be ignored or downplayed or obfuscated by people who feel the need to do that (shitlibs of course, and blackpill addicts on our own side), but that can’t be.

Personally, I would have preferred a nice little minefield to a big beautiful wall, but I’ve never been known for my elegance and I guess that’s why he’s the billionaire architect and I ain’t.


It is important that those like Schiff are called out as European-Style Socialists… the public should know who all the European-Style Socialists in congress are.


Anyone citing the Pissgate thing with a straight face should be pissed on by Russian hookers.


Democrats have been pointing to police abuse and corruption for YEARS, and it was always defended by the right. Nice to see people on the right finally acknowledging the truth about LE in the US.


Neither of them will…