Democrats and Establishment Republicans Alike Do Not Want Manditory E-Verify


Because they know it will work better than any other immigration control being supported.

Legislating a national mandate for E-Verify use by employers is more important than construction of a southern border wall, argued Jenks. “In our view, mandatory E-Verify is more important than a wall. So that is the one place where we’re hoping that we can move the administration to saying E-Verify is a must-have.”

Approximately half of “the illegal population” is composed of foreigners who lawfully entered the homeland and overstay their visas, said Jenks. An E-Verify mandate on employers, she added, would “mostly shut down” the lure of employment for illegal aliens.

E-Verify usage by employers would facilitate more effective enforcement of immigration law by allowing federal authorities to target businesses abstaining for its use, said Jenks. “They have a clearer target for enforcement measures.”

I have said this before… E-Verify and interior enforcement alone will all but end illegal immigration… Trump should be encouraged to pursue this with just as much gusto as border enforcement…


Measures like E-Verify are not controversial. Or at least they shouldn’t be. The controversy and debate is all manufactured because they don’t want it to work just as you and the article suggest. It’s such a simple solution to a complicated problem, not unlike Voter ID, that they will do anything and everything they can to prevent it’s implementation. Too many skids have been greased.


Now that is beyond funny.


It is if you understand that both parties are pro big business, and big business is pro globalization, and, both parties pander to the very deep pockets of those big businesses and their lobbyists. One day Americans will get fed up and form a viable third party. Until then, keep voting for the same old.


Everyone here hates globalists. What’s your point? We know how globalists operate…we know their tactics. We want to stamp them out.


Monte,We need to have sensible ballot access laws for a Third Party to compete.How much of a chance do you think it’ll succeed in the states!!!


They don’t need to form a viable third party to elect people who will actually hold the line on certain issues. Democrats it would seem are … and I guess have been for many years, in survival mode where they will entertain anyone who keep them in power. The unfortunate thing about democrats is that they actually believe that government can deliver utopia to them and their internal change is one that takes them farther left… more government is better. They just cannot see that the more you involve government in private enterprise, the more distorted business gets as it depends on government to make regulations to favor one over another.

Republicans are going through a bit of a genesis. Actually they are getting back to their conservative roots… not the Lindsey Graham kind of Republican who believe that conservatism means ‘moving in the direction of policies established by democrats albeit slowly’. The transformation of the republican party and indeed government will take time but more and more people are being elected in the mold of the original TeaParty principles.

Of course Trump is not a Conservative. I always know that he was big government. He’s advancement however is to untangle the mountain of regulation that strangles everything; to force the business of government back to the branches it belongs at; To force social policy back to the states. This of course takes time. States, particularly high tax ones as we have seen become very weighted without the federal tit… they must be forced to live within their means… It can’t happen in a day.

The republican party is changing away from the statist, globalist party it has become into the party of personal responsibility and self reliance it use to be. Now… if they would just start talking about undoing the 17th amendment and Title II and VII of the 1964 civil rights act, we could start to make progress… after of course, we get real immigration reform that actually protects our sovereign borders… baby steps for a 6’3" president who is ruffling a lot of feathers…


We already have got fed up with it, that’s why Trump is president, and that’s why 2018 will provide even more draining. Can’t do it over night.


Then you need to create a new party. Because the two you have support it, what some of them may say notwithstanding.


Psst @redhawk … I think he likes you…:+1:t2::wink:


Well for starters, independents need to vote independent. Gary Johnson was on the ballots in 48 states. But the independent candidate needs to pull a minimum of 5% of the vote to qualify for funds from the presidential election campaign fund grant. According to FEC rules. In August of 2016 Johnson was polling at 11%, but on Election Day he pulled 3.5%. That’s because too many independents bailed out of fear that Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton would be president. But it wasn’t about this cycle, it was about the next, we have to start somewhere.

And I agree with you about ballot access laws, it was very difficult for Gary to get as far as he did.


Yeah, there’s too many what if’s right now.


I give my vote to who I think will do the job… sometimes like Perot and sometimes like Paul and Trump… That is an independent vote…


Actually, you refer to Trumps BASE support hmm??? The guys like you that would look the other way if he murdered someone on fifth ave. You guys are keeping him at 35% JAR. But that can’t get reelection. :wink:


You keep repeating that figure knowing that it is well out of date but you will not show the source knowing that it is … well out of date…


His approval ratings weren’t supposed to get him elected either…but people often take a very different action thanks to the privacy and anonymity of the ballot box.


Well … we know that he isn’t going to get more than 50%. It matters not what kind of good things he does, he is just not going to get the venomous left to admit anything good. So what we can summize is that of the people who would actually be honest in their appraisal, which of the total (supporters and haters is at about 46%). Taken all those who would appraise him honestly that means that he has an approval rate of around… um… 92%… not bad… not bad at all. :wink:


True that’s thanks to Hillary. But his base will hold him at 35%. It’s doubtful that he goes below that. He has been as high as 45%, I think last July, and I think he’s bumping 40 now. But his high is lower than all presidents that preceded him for the first year of a presidency.


More trolling huh? lol…Trump is doing his job, regressive money grubbing pols working against America are doing everything they can to stop him!


Trolling?? Just because you don’t like my opinion, pff!

And yes, people who fundamentally disagree with Trump are indeed working to prevent him from advancing his agenda. That’s the American way, that’s what republicans were doing to Obama for eight years naturally.