Democrats and Establishment Republicans Alike Do Not Want Manditory E-Verify


Hum… I don’t recall seeing scenes of Republcans locking themselves arm and arm across highways… I don’t remember seeing riots that prevents liberal speakers from talking to people… It must have slipped my mind the number of ATMs destroyed, police cars burned and liberals beat and spat on by raven republican degenerates and I can’t recall seeing one… not one video of RNC operatives bragging about paying operatives to start trouble at Obama’s love fests… I must have selective amnesia… OH yeah… I forgot (catch that… forgot… amnesia :joy:)… I am loath to remember a radical Republican group blocking the entrance to Disneyland. I guess we object to government in the ways and with the tools we have available… violence is really the only way for the progressive movement as actually defending their policies is… difficult.


If you’re referring to the pre election polling data that put HRC winning by 5-6 points, it was right, and she did.


Gary Johnson was and remains an idiot.


Buckle up as when the next democrat takes office it will be returned 10 fold.


The only way we will see a democrat in that office anytime soon is if the people have not been paying attention to the evil being done by democrats who refuse to work for the people they represent.


Ha, apparently you don’t understand the different constituencies and how they vote. Of course democrats don’t represent you.


Clinton is president? Yeah!


Apparently they don’t represent to many other people either unless they happen to be Mexican nationals.


Apparently he lives in fly over country, not a costal city isn’t gay, trans, or a minority.