Democrats and the State of the Union


My mind auto-completes phrases and I tend to see STFU instead of SOTU.


Are six people a bipartisan group ?
100 senators 435 in the house get real !!!


Three democrats and three republicans chosen to inform the president of what a bipartisan bill would resemble and he rejected it because he’s a liar.


You are a fool to think anyone believes that six people out of 535 represent a bipartisan group !
Who decided that thous six people would represent anyone else ?


The Senate is pushing ahead with a proposal, even though Trump seemed to reject it today (after supporting it 48 hours ago). It’s impossible to know how the bill will fare in the Senate — until Thursday, the only people who knew what was in it were the six senators hashing out the deal — but it represents what experienced legislators in both parties think can pass.

Early in the afternoon, Republicans and Democrats sounded like they’d made progress. “We have an agreement in principle and we are shopping it to our colleagues,” Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ), who is part of a bipartisan immigration working group with Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and three Democrats.


That appears to be a well known affliction of progressive indoctrination… foul words and a rude, intolerant attitude. Knowing is the first step to recovery but with progressive indoctrination, the road is long and tortured.


Given that the proposals did not come close to anything the house has considered… me thinks that they left out some of the important bits… bits that Trump was particularly clear the ‘compromise’ should contain… bits that were talked about around the table that day…


Kind of says it all really… 6 out of the entire assembly and all of them proponents of no holds barred amnesty…
A ‘bipartisan’ working group… Did they have some official status which formed this… ‘working group’… probably not.


This hate filled post gets a like here. I guess that’s a perk of being a choir member. :joy::joy::joy:


And that described Obama to a T.


Apparently you failed to read their proposal which had ZERO of the requirements laid out by Trump.


Gang of 8 now a gang of 6 out of 535.


The whole thing is turning into a bad joke and the democrats are going to be blamed for it . This is turning into a no spin zone .


His mistake was saying anything in front of tricky dick . Even with a room full of people it seems dick was the only one to misunderstand President Trumps meaning . Go figure .
You can’t think anyone from a gang of six is doing anything but posturing !
How dense are you a gang of six is only a bipartisan group in a group 12 or maybe 18 not six of 545 !


I haven’t demeaned your intellect so why don’t you show equal respect. Do you understand that what the bipartisan group presented to Trump was an outline of what would have to be passed in both houses of Congress. And do you understand that it is Trump that rejected it, not Congress??


I think the gang of six can try to bring it to congress ?


I guess, but why go through the motions sense Trumps shown that he’s not going to keep his word?


Politicians don’t do things to accomplish stuff they showboat and play to their base ! The only reason the gang of six won’t try to bring this bill to the floor is because they will look foolish !


They won’t bring it to the floor because the TIC lied and crawled back on his promise to sign ANYTHING!!!


There were more than 6 people in the room… “I have confidence in the people in this room”. I can tell you this, that self appointed committee of 6 did not speak for a lot of people in that room.