Democrats and the State of the Union


What on earth are you talking about.


The Democrats have decided to respond to Trump’s SOTU address in both English and Spanish.

I’m delighted with this.

The Spanish response will be delivered by Elizabeth Guzman, a newly minted Hispanic Representative.

Again, I’m delighted. She’s a woman. Her story is compelling. She will reach millions. Brilliant selection.

The English version will be delivered by Joe Kennedy The Third.

Really? Are they fucking kidding us? Did the Democratic establishment learn nothing from the 2016 election boondoggle?

First, the name Kennedy is irredeemably associated with the past. We need names associated with going forward (like Guzman) and Joe, no matter how sincere he might be, simply can’t provide this.

The millennials do not give a rat’s ass about the Democratic party generally, much less the progeny of its dead luminaries.The question: “Who’s your daddy?” is already a pejorative before an answer is even proffered.

Consider optics: anybody with a name like John Doe III is already from a world entirely different and separate from the multi-cultural world the millennials inhabit and value; and which, BTW, is the natural base of the Democratic Party.

Such an opportunity. Such a fuck-up.


Wait a minute here @philipnyc. Joe is the younger generation of the Kennedy’s and can relate to the millennials as well as anyone. But, we must remember who gets out and votes here as well. The older generations vote and the Kennedy name IMO still means a lot to many people. What JFK and RFK stood for and sacrificed their lives for in leading this nation are honorable and historic. They stood for values that I stand for and to indicate that this is a negative, I cannot agree with.


Joe the privileged Kennedy can relate to working millennial how? Love to see how tha would be done.

JFK would be considered a conservative compared to todays democrats.

As a side note, my daughter her friends are apolitical identifying with neither party and could care less about democrats and republicans. They read about the candidates and their platforms and make a choice.

So unlike the faithful of both parties where they look for the red or blue as ha’s all that counts.


You misunderstand me.

  1. I like Joe Kennedy III
  2. I stand for the same values as JFK and RFK and you @niner
  3. I think in our top-line-only world having a Kennedy give this speech is a mistake because his name sounds like yesterday. It does not matter if this is fair or true, and it is neither fair nor true.

I think the Russian trolls will eat him up.

We’ll just have to see how Joe the third plays in the heartland…


I agree that giving the response to Kennedy was a mistake partly because putting dynasties ahead is bad optics. But the greater failure is that this year, with this president, we face a crisis that demands that the leadership of the party take on the task of responding to Trump. Having Kennedy deliver the response is a clear choice for messaging and against risking saying anything.

Trump’s success should have told us that the electorate is sick of messaging. In Trump, they at least had a choice to vote for someone who eschews messaging in favor of just saying what he thinks. What our side seems to be gambling on is the idea that these swing voters will have buyers’ remorse now that they’ve had a year of hearing exactly what Trump thinks, and that it’s alright to persist in having our side do messaging instead of saying what we think because these voters will go back to settling for the party that avoids saying anything because that now seems a better bet than the party that says what it means, but what it means is pretty horrible.

This may work. There is plenty of evidence that the electorate is having buyer’s remorse. But it seems to me to be unnecessarily cautious to not use the buyer’s remorse to do some truth-telling about what our side thinks. We could get some badly needed credibility back for our politics by eschewing messaging and saying what we think and believe, while avoiding the damage this has done the other side of revealing that what they really think and believe is pretty horrible. For our side to choose to continue messaging tells the electorate that we have no confidence that what we truly think and feel is not something that the electorate is going to think is pretty horrible.


First off, I guess I need you to explain what you mean by our top-in-line world and how you believe we will let the Russian trolls eat Joe up before I can comment more fully.


I would suggest that ‘messaging’ is the only way that Democrats can effectively spin their polices… Progressives will not engage on so many things because ‘telling people what you think’ is like Hillary Clinton proclaiming strong sovereign borders to the electorate and telling Goldman that Open Borders is the way to go. Progressives have not engaged in the many, many disastrous effects of social policy in the US and the serious waste of money and resource not to mention the unintended consequences of their programs. The want to constantly talk about the war mongering neocon’s and on the other hand push use into one more nation building cause… Dem’s can’t shoot straight up with the voters because the only ones who would understand are those you are working desperately to become new voters…


Not “top-in-line,” but “top-line-only.”

By this I mean that people do not read past the first line. They will read or hear “Kennedy” and their eyes will glaze-over. Understand, the GOP has been shit-talking the Kennedy family for longer than they shit-talked Hillary Clinton.

Given this already tilled soil of hate, and it is hate, the Russians have an easy foot-hold to create brutal anti Kennedy internet memes and distribute them by Facebook and Twitter, just as they did with Hillary. They can’t do that with Guzman because she has no name recognition.

I think its hard for educated and informed people to grasp how much antipathy the Kennedy name evokes in middle America. I once had a shoemaker form Mississippi. Vietnam vet. Bullets in his legs. Before the Army he started as a linebacker for Auburn. Drafted t NFL, but bulets in legs destroyed his career. Sweetest guy. I loved him.

One day the name Kennedy came up. He said: “I had a party when both Kennedys were shot.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because they ain’t no damned good.”

"But why?’
“The whole family. They ain’t no God damn good.”

And that was that. He hated the Kennedys and had no idea why. It was GOp propaganda.

My shoemaker ain’t no anomaly, he’s typical.

Stupid choice by the Democrats.


Absolutely many have buyers remorse however voting for another progressive is far more distasteful.


Do you understand people are tired of the Bush dynasty, the Clinton dynasty and the Kennedy dynasty is no different. This country doesn’t have or need a family tradition as we got with Bush and clearly rejected Jeb and Hillary for the exact reason. Joe is no different.


The Kennedy’s not unlike the Bush’s carry a pretty long history. Both Joe and Prescott had some dubious business connections and until Rose’s death, the Kennedy clan were strongly controlled by a matriarch that no doubt was influenced by those connections. Chappaquiddick and more recently the rape allegations of William Kennedy Smith paint the Kennedy’s not only as corrupt but salacious. John of course had this rumors of affairs that feel in line with the image.

This is only slightly less true of the Bush family, right up to GW Bushs national guard service.

The Clinton’s of course have crated a legacy in one generation. From the time Bill Clinton entered the Governors mansion in Arkansas, their sorted history begins… ‘Vast Right Wing Conspiracy’… I think not.


The response to the state of the union address is inside baseball – you’re not watching it unless you’re a serious political junkie. You want somebody who won’t be embarrassing, and who will make some decent points that may be extracted for ten- to fifteen-second sound bites on the news. The Republicans have demonstrated, if anything, that prematurely pushing a perceived up-and-comer into the spotlight by having them respond to the SOTU can damage (and perhaps significantly damage) that person’s national political prospects.

Meanwhile, if Republicans want to grouse about it’s being a Kennedy, I think that falls into the category of “no publicity is bad publicity” – it should mean that more people end up hearing at least some of what he has to say.


Dani, When will you tire of more of the same. he Dems put out Bernie and Hillary as candidates both with the sam message. he learned nothing from the election but doubling down on the same tings that lost the last election to the very worst candidate possible.
You can put another Kennedy out there, Chelsea Clinton out there or anger of Obama’s acolytes and they will be viewed as he same. Time for the party to change and move to the center r it will likely face the sam results excluding the major cities of curse.


So just how many pasty whites are in the next batch of immigrants ? :thinking: How many pasty whites are there in the DACA deal ?:thinking: How many pasty whites are there in the 24 million illegals already hiding in our Country ? :thinking: Is pasty white an acceptable racial term with you dems ? :thinking: Finally which page in " Montecresto cultivation " book does this appear ? Shrug :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Just when I thought the DNC was no longer even sentient; they may have actually realized, dimly- that Americans who love this country are at odds with the Dems. The Dems are pandering to Latinos (well, the racist reconquista types anyway) because they hope to mint anywhere from 2- 30 million new Dem. voters, to ensure an insurmountable bloc.

There is no squishy altruism in this; it is purely numbers. I just pray America votes out lots of these filthy traitors in Nov.

Nancy Pelosi pulled out the ole’ race card, and even Dems are embarrassed by her ramblings. I wonder if Tammy Duckworth ever considers that she has gone all the way over to the side of those who toil to bring de-facto one party rule.



Yeah, I saw this video. I think that he led the people a bit to much and many of the comments were not directly related to the question ‘What Did You Think Of President Trumps State Of The Union Message Last Night’. It could have been conducted better… but no doubt the responses wouldn’t have been much different.


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