Democrats kick black women out of restaurant today almost Lynch her


Is it the 1950’s? Nope just today’s KKK who thought they had control over blacks until they are starting to run off the plantation. Candace Owens Was attacked today for having breakfast…

Antifa protesters accost conservatives Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens at Philadelphia cafe

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The left LOVES minorities as long as they agree with them. If they have a mind of their own however it can’t be tolerated and they become the enemy.


This happend today lol

Democrats literally Almost Lynched a black women today… cnn is quite… wow


Well yeah sure, and the right is exactly the same. Partisan politics abound on both sides. And Antifa represents the left like American white nationalists represent the right. :wink:


I don’t see consertives kicking a black women out of a restaurant. Almost lynching her.

So take your fake news else where


The news media (outside of Fox) paints no difference and actively promotes conflation of the right with White Nationalism. When it comes to ANTIFA- they see a big difference… kind of speaks for itself, no?

If this had been a White mob taunting a liberal Black woman and White man- the congressional Black Caucus would be shouting at every camera they could find, and you know it. Your comparison contains a bit of truth (the two margins do not represent the whole) yet you present it as a way to dismiss what happened, with what is a comparatively false equivalence.


That hits the nail on the head. The fact that everyone who is conservative is being called white supremacists by the media, who are also openly calling for physical attacks (i.e., punching Nazis), sure does have consequences.


This just makes my blood boil.


I’m with ya… if Democrats win in November we are doomed


Do they not realize how fucking stupid and immature they look. Screaming like little fucking kids…bunch of snowflake wimps…


We just need a subtle green light from the cops that we won’t get arrested for beating some Antifa ass in broad daylight. We have jobs and shit to lose. They don’t.


ANTIFA is born of the left. It is a tool of the left. The members are among the useful idiots of the left.


No. They do not. They think they are to be envied.

Actually, they are worthless cowards. Why cover your face if you are proud of what you represent?


Antifa are not Democrats, they hate both corporate parties and are dedicated to destroying both so they have have their beloved anarchy. It’s like saying the Republicans lynched someone because the KKK did it.


You’ll sure be doomed to more antifa, as Trump has the fascists out on parade for him.


I did not claim they were Democrats.

They do promote resistance and violence against conservatives. They do try to shout down conservative speech. They do support the same methods as Democrats in refusal to accept any promotion of narrative that differs from their own.

You are correct in expressing ridiculousness to the idea that a KKK lynching would be attributed to the Republicans. The KKK came out of the Democrat Party. (research the Democrat convention of 1924). All members of Congress who have ever been identified as KKK members are Democrats.

Take your pick of these articles and videos. You will find nothing that separates the KKK from the Democrat Party or connects it to the Republican Party.

The Democrat Party’s promotion of racism is approaching a century of existence.


The headline of this topic is
" [Democrats kick black women out of restaurant today almost Lynch her]".
Jitss617, is the poster, I guess he decided Antifa was Democrats.


They are called antifa and many of your so called conservatives are walking around with NAZI flags, what do you expect?
Your historical Southern Democrats is pretty irrelevant, but do have fun playing with yourself.


The title is not unjustified. The Democrats encourage and tacitly approved of Antifa actions.


“Rather than characterizing them as losers who are easily fooled, Trump’s supporters—who amount to at least a plurality of the Republican primary electorate—deserve to be looked at in their own terms. Trump’s essential appeal is based on racism. He launched his campaign talking about Mexican “rapists,” and subsequently stirred up xenophobia against many other groups, especially Muslims. His racist pitch succeeded because the Republican Party is overwhelmingly white and has relied heavily on dog-whistle appeals to racism since the early 1960s.”