Democrats kick black women out of restaurant today almost Lynch her


Pay attention. My comments on the Democrats and the KKK was in response to your failed attempt to link the Republicans to the KKK.

The KKK and its racism is and always has been an offspring of the Democrat Party.


I could post a corresponding number of articles about the GOP’s connection with the KKK and neo NAZI’s and even repeat Trump’s racist nonsense like pretending not to know who David Duke is, but why bother. Politics makes strange bedfellows.


Do so. Post links.

That President Trump is racist is OPINION only.


I have work to do, why don’t you go get them for me.


This is true…klan members were a part of the early Democrat party.


Do your own research, you lazy liberal.


This is the result of liberals rewriting history by not acknowledging their true roots to fit their narrative…


Check out my New Republic link above it’s all about Trumps appeal to racists and why.


Things started changing for the Democratic Party in the 60’s. they started evolving and gradually morphed into the progressive movement u see today.


History is history, now is now. The Republicans were the party of crony capitalism, government supported railroad barons, ahole bankers given the right to print civil war money, suppliers who provided the army with shoddy crap, and the shady deal.


Being racist is a subjective issue. Wikipedia is open to edit by anyone that wants to participate.

People that know Trump do not consider him racist. People that want to label him as racist can use almost any action or comment related to a non-white person or group of people to come up with a spin toward racism.

Liberals today consider any criticism of a minority to be racism.


LBJ’s anti racist actions left Southern Democrats not place to go but the GOP, where they were embraced with open arms.


The elites are apart of crony capitalism . They don’t give a shit about Republican or Democrat they only care about their investments and if either side gets in their way of their income then they use their money to influence votes and pass bills like Soros. The elites could care less of human rights and everything else the Republicans and Democrats disagree on. To them it’s just minor Bickering that they can care less about. As long as there are no road block for their investments.


That will require SIX articles…as your accusation against Trump has nothing to do with connecting Republicans to the KKK.


[quote=“asaratis, post:34, topic:9992”]
That will require SIX articles…as your accusation against Trump has nothing to do with connecting Republicans to the KKK.

“We are determined to take our country back,” Duke said from the rally, calling it a “turning point.” “We are going to fulfill the promises of Donald Trump. That’s what we believed in. That’s why we voted for Donald Trump, because he said he’s going to take our country back.”



Don’t u know that it was the Republican Party that wanted to abolish slavery and the Democrat party wanted to keep it.


Political parties change over time, and the civil war was a horror that could have been avoided, it was really about tariffs at Southern Ports, it was all about federal revenue.


LBJ was against civil rights for black people until he realized it was coming. Then he turned it into a tool for opening the Democrat Welfare Plantation. LBJ was truly a racist.

If you truly want to learn about the Democrats, the Republicans and their racism…watch this entire video. You will also find some factual information concerning the KKK and the Democrats in Congress.

You will also find some information concerning the first black people elected to Congress.

Then go to this thread and read it through. There’s a particularly long post that gives more historical information than does the video.


That still has nothing to do with the origin and character of the KKK regarding Republicans.

Your grasping at straws.