Democrats kick black women out of restaurant today almost Lynch her


Not as much as the democrat has changed. They have morphed into something completely different. U have been conditioned to believe bullshit that is not factual… I can prove it to u…google the relationship between the Democratic Party and the Kkk. I bet everything that pops up will be about how it’s a lie that republicans push…everything inside the box is biased. U need to look outside the box for truth…


Origin? Did you pull that requirement out of your… whatever!


The relationship between Southern Dems and the KKK is easy to find. Heck I’m old I lived through the endgame of that, and acknowledged in posts above. But heck man, David Duke ran in 2016 as a Republican! Face reality, Trump is all about racism, supported by angry crackers, and that’s why he won, well that and a little help from Russian Hackers.


Can you show me some article about republican gangs running around with the tacit approval of the press forcefully removing someone from a business establishment?.. but I wouldn’t be surprised if that doesn’t start coming to pass in the near future…

White nationalist might have an opionion but it is most handily the left that tend to express theirs with a club and not a tiki torch…


Antifa is a wing of the left , they stay far away from Democrat rallies. Everyone knows this, this is why Democrats won’t denounce antifa they do the strong arm tactics like the brown shirts, kkk, militant force.


Link? Lol why fake news?


Democrats never changed, it is still the party of slavery, look what they do to blacks that run off the plantation


KKK lbj? Lol the “ I’ll have these niggas voting Democrat for the next 200 years” the one that destroyed black families with welfare? Ohh he wasn’t racist? Lol


Ah, the “new republic”. Here is another one of their wonderful journalism


ANTIFA are born of the communist movement… They fly the hammer and sickle…and the same Antifascist Action logo as the originals in Europe who formed out of the memberships of both the SPD and the KPD (Social Democratic Party and the Communist Party respectively) They very much support anyone who will support them and democrats fit that bill nicely… both financially and morally.


Factual evidence antifa are left wing Democrats.

  1. They only protest republican rallies.
  2. They have no candidate running for office, because they support the current Democrat candidates
  3. They are following orders from Democrat Maxine Waters to attack consertives.
  4. All voted for Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.


I saw this yesterday. It’s a sad state of affairs when people can’t even have breakfast without getting heckled by an army of unwashed anarchists.

These people aren’t necessarily Democrats, but they are what the Democrat Party is turning into lately. The few sane people left in the Democrat Party need to step up and put an end to such harassment instead of tacitly endorsing it with their silence.


They are Democrats, they are the militiant force for the Democrat party it’s why not one will hold a press conference today denouncing this violence.


But I’m not the media, and the right goes from center right to the fringe and there are distinct differences along the scale. Neither party is judged by its fringe elements. Dick Durban is not equal to Antifa.


No, but then I didn’t say I could, nor was I even speaking to that. If you look back at what Jackal said that I was responding to, my point should be clear.


When he blamed solely the permitted white nationalists against the presidents words that it was only the fault of the white nationalist… he threw his lot in with that group… No… not the same… some folks instigate and hide behind those doing the damage.


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Well, I would say that ‘and the right is exactly the same’ places the same activity in both camps and while I can tolerate (though I don’t agree with) the progressive left, I don’t advocate nor do I condone violence against them… Nor have I heard any right wing politicians talking about open violence against the left as we have seen support for the activities of BLM,BAMN, and Antifa… (you will of course recite Trumps comments to ‘throw them out’ but that was at his rally… paid for by him.


[quote=“rolavine, post:14, topic:9992”]
Antifa are not Democrats,[/quote]

WHAT ?? When was the last time they attacked a demoRAT ? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes: Which campus did they flock to when a demoRAT want to preach commie horseshit ? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes: When did they disrupt that weasel Obama 's rallies ? :thinking::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: GET THE F OUT OF HERE WITH THAT BS !!!


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