Democrats kick black women out of restaurant today almost Lynch her


By that logic, every republican who failed to condemn the WN’s nastiness threw their lot in with them.


Ok, I guess you didn’t look back at what Jackal said that I was responding to. He made the claim that the left only like people of color that they agree with. And that is the same with the right, shrug.


Even if they did, they are still condemned as being ‘white nationalists’ and racists… and haters… and on and on. Trump condemned the permitted group as well as the ones who actually came looking for trouble… see where it got him?


But we don’t tend to throw them out of restaurants, chase them down the street with a ball bat or otherwise disrupt their lives other than to point out what stupid shit they spew…


Again, I wasn’t speaking to that, just to the point that the left likes minorities who they agree with and the same thing with the right…


Sorry… the right is not exactly the same in the way we deal with those we disagree with. We may have our biases but we are far more civil than the left… of course that revolutionary blood courses through their veins no?


Are you calling the history teachers there protecting the monument white nationalist?


That’s absolutely ridiculous and you’re broad brushing. Many of the right on this board are hateful racist pigs, some even brazen enough to display it in their avatars/usernames. There’s no difference between the filthiness of the WN’s and Antifa.


All black oppression comes from town that think like you, you have zero blacks protesting in republican towns. DEMOCRATS LEFT WING IDEOLOGY

Republicans aren’t racist


Mic drop lol …




Good point…


I was raised by the slogan ‘Sticks and Stones’… some that you would call ‘racists’ actually articulate a rather clear premise for their reasoning… its not racist for instance to say that as a general rule x is better than y… their are of course exceptions and in that you can’t use to broad a brush but the fact is, far more on the left act out their intolerance in ways that far exceed a a provocative avatar. For every black person that legitimately wants a black only facility in the name of their chosen preference, their is a white that wants the same thing…

Its like people who use the word ‘racist’ and say only white people can be racist… what a bunch of malarkey…


That’s not me, every human is capable of being racist. It would have been far better to me had my ancestors not imported the black man and beat them in the field as they prospered from the free labor. And the nasty hateful avatars and usernames I see require great restraint as I’m sickened by them. This is much like the global crisis of refugees, predominantly coming from Muslim countries that the US has been militarily active in. I know I’m in slim company here in America in my position but I’m frankly sick and tired of America creating our own crisis.


All oppression of people of color has only come from towns run by Democrats


True…and troubling.


Are you two siblings or just both nuts?


What does nasty avatars and the rather inappropriate application of the word racism got to do with the middle east? Seems we have space warped to a new subject that has little to do with Democrats kicking a black woman out of a restaurant because she leans right.

It is as hard today to talk about the use of slavery as a generally accepted practice in the 1700’s as seems to be the difference in attitude about sexual overtures 30 years ago and today. At some point you just have to say, that was yesterday and we don’t do that today… else wise we are headed for a situation where white becomes the abused on… just because of their ancestors.

Having said that, I don’t disagree with you and frankly I don’t think Trump does either. You have yet to explain to me how Trump could extricate the US from any of its many current and long standing entanglements without either seeing an allie harmed or a vacuum filled by someone who really does want to do us harm. The cold war was not necessarily a creation of the US but our reaction to Russian expansion was ham fisted at best and calculated at worst. If calculated, Trump has a real problem because as you can see… and likely rejoice to, his security apparatus is not working in unison with his desires.


Indeed, I don’t trust Trump to do anything with regards to foreign policy. I already knew that Trump is a moron long before Tillerson said it.


The common theme for me in that was Americans creating things they come to hate, shrug.