Democrats kick black women out of restaurant today almost Lynch her


Perhaps Tillerson was the moron… perhaps he just couldn’t keep up or he had a substantially different idea of what functions the state department should be performing. Outside of his rather petty fabrications and embellishments that people like to keep track of, just what has he done to make you distrust him. I know that you have bought into the whole Trump Russia thing even though we have seen nothing that would lead us to know that but in fact have found trail after trail leading to Clinton and her friends in Russia or Obama and his friends in the law and intelligence community. I actually think that Trump being far from a conspirator with Russia would likely uncover quite the opposite if the facts were allowed to come out.

I am continually confused by you because you want to ‘try something different’ but can’t really seem to define it and when someone comes along and agrees with you that a new approach to national and international affairs comes along, you are fearful… perhaps all you really want is the Utopia that will come from your socialist state and Trump is a fly in the ointment so’s to speak.


I can’t disagree with that… the left have a very strong push going on right now that if they succeed will destroy the right of someone to have an opinion… All of social media is aligned against about half the population of this country, news objectivity went out the window when the NYTimes said that they had no need to be objective and elected members of congress are calling for violence… you may very well get the socialist state you aspire to but it will not be democratic and it will look much different than you hoped for…


Democrats ran a black girl out of a restaurant, attacked her and trump is racist?


Trump is an anomaly and quite temporary.


Wow, that should be in Webster’s under hyperbole…


You are correct… but the people who elected him are not.


Every day Democrats are losing the black vote… and Democrats are getting violent


I’ve defined it repeatedly and quite well, and no, Trump does not agree with me. I don’t oppose NATO, or US membership in it. I don’t oppose the JCPOA, or the status quo in North Korea.


Is it? … why do you think Politiforum changed names and moved to Iceland…



Well that’s a little broad, a whole lot of people that voted for Trump were holding their noses tighter than ever before (same for HRC) but that hard core base, that constant 35% gop base that stuck with him primary after primary, yeah, they’ll crawl back into their holes after he’s a page in history.


I could be wrong but I don’t think so. The democrats since the election have shown their asses from every possible angle… they have no plans… the only want to bring down this thing that elected trump… It could just cement resolve…


Already voter fraud by Democrats lol

They can’t take the lose haha


…thanks in a large part to demented assholes like Maxine Waters.


Everyone involved in the process, those running the DOJ, FBI, SPO are all Republicans. But I agree that democrats have no face and no voice.


Mueller is not a republican… just like Comey he switched because daddy took the power away lol

Now they are but hurt libs who trump laughs at haha


Portland OR, patriots prayer rally, 8/4/18, I was there, just observing, not participating on either side. But you’ve got to open the definition of so called conservatives (cause they was NAZIs), lol.


I watched the live feed, many nazis not on the patriots side… nothing but free speech freedom fighters. But ignore you took a picture or have a link I’d love to see a republican nazi


By plantation you talking about them going full Kanye? Again Antifa is not Democrats, they don’t vote, they consider it pointless, they think our political parties are a joke, and looking at how the parties act, it’s hard to argue with them about that!


Really how about a cite for that?
Hopefully the Dems can get half the blacks out to vote.


They don’t vote, Democrats vote for Democrats, Republicans vote for Republicans, the anarchists both capitalist and communist not so much.