Democrats kick black women out of restaurant today almost Lynch her


Nobody (accept Mueller perhaps) pushes Trump into a corner. He signed that because he saw some benefit to it.


He seems to have his hands pretty well tied over the likes of Rosenstein and Sessions… Obviously he still has the power to fire both of them but every choice we make has consequences…


He’s a completely innocent man, free of any wrongdoing he has repeated ad nauseum. He shouldn’t even care about them. Besides they’re his appointments.

However, another republican in his orbit, the first representative to come out in support of him, has just been indicted for insider trading and screwing over the American tax payer (so not Trump, he pays none) and is going to crash and burn like Manafort. It seems that Trump and his supporters are the swampiest creatures of all.

This newest development has to add salt to the wound for Trump, and it’s apparent that he’s obsessed with the investigation as it’s the subject that gets the most tweets and in a single golfing outing with Graham, he brought up the subject of ending the investigation 20 times!!! This isn’t the behavior of a guy who knows he’s an innocent man…


Hey… I hear Gates just blew up in Mueller hand… oops… He didn’t lie to the FBI… but pleaded guilty to lying and then he did lie to the FBI but can’t remember what it was he lied about… then Mueller’s man had to throw him under the bus to save any remaining credibility of the Special Council… I even think that Manafort’s lawyer had a go at gates for a number of things including embezzlement… One ‘star’ witness down the drain.

I would say that it is the behavior of someone who has been tremendously kneecapped by innuendo that plays out day in and day out in the press and affects his family and because of the vindictiveness of the Special counsel and the people who put him in place no one that knows Trump is beyond having their lives turned upside down and financially ruined because of the desire to … Get Trump.


You ever been a juror???


I have… a couple of times… once for a fairly straight forward auto theft and the other I was instrumental in letting an armed home invader off because I just couldn’t place the gun at the seen. When the verdict was read the asshole turned around an grinned. I would say that the verdict was a direct result of a prosecutor not doing a good enough job…

Your point to the question?


Just that first of all, everybody lies. But there is a difference between lying, and bearing a false witness against ones neighbor. Of course Gates lies when he was caught, that’s quite normal, and it’s also quite normal that now that the SP has him by the balls for that, that he’d understand the imprudence of lying further under oath in trial. As a juror I can completely understand that and don’t see the conflict that the defense (including yourself) would like to portray. This will be up to the jury, and it’s the system we’ve got and will have to accept the outcome thereof.


He lied about lying… but he said under oath that he didn’t lie. To which the defense squarely asked him… ‘if you didn’t lie, why did you plead guilty to lying?’ If was only after the defense had made him perjure himself and the Judges jumped in to ask his own question plus a sidebar when manafort’s lawyer suggested that he lied to Mueller about having not 1 but 4 extramarital affairs which could jeopardize his pea agreement…that the prosecutor backed down from the objection in the sidebar and proceeded to through him under the bus…

Also throughout this testimony his seems to have a lot of memory issues that would have been relevant to the prosecution… He even talked in general terms about being coached… Mueller could have receive a big credibility black eye with this key witness…

Please tell me that a fine attorney such as mueller wouldn’t back someone to the wall and … :scream: tell someone what to say on the stand… or else.


Lol, that’s an outrageous claim. I have confidence that the jury will do the right thing. Again, it’s the system we have and we’re bound to.


True enough… I’d hate to see the courtroom with Ginsburg at the helm… fried bologna sandwich for sure…


Love all the reliable sources you got there, I googled it and it’s a great way to identify dozens of media sewers. Or as Trump puts it the non fake news.


Talk about reliable sources , :laughing: and nitwit BS , ding , ding , ding , you just won the GRAND PRIZE ! :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


They arrested about 130 antifa members in Portland OR last year, when they asked who they voted for about a 100 of them said they didn’t vote. I can find the cite if you want. But what fun it is that you think I’m just pulling crap out my ass, when that is your thing, whenever you aren’t just barfing out the implanted BS you get from the AM dial!


They are just paid coordinated “protesters”, like this one: