Dem's Confuse Themselves Between The Endless Bucket Of Money and Real Market Competiton


I agree.

The problem is in the language, I think. The name “Medicare for All” makes it sound mandatory. Everybody gets it, regardless. A “sudden shift” to a mandatory system would scare many stakeholders.

But a “sudden shift” that let anybody who wanted to freely and optionally sign up for a medicare insurance plan at medicare prices–well, that’s seems more palatable.

If you want it, you can sign up. But you don’t have to. Do what you want.

Sell it as “Freedom to Buy American Medical Care” or some such star-spangled crap.


My experience as an American with a Japanese wife has led me to do as much of my health care “purchasing” as possible in Japan.

I pay over $17,000 per year for my Blue Shield Silver plan for my wife and myself while here in the US. But I still did a colonoscopy in Japan last year. Cost: $200. As a foreigner. With no valid insurance in country. It would cost me at least $1500 here in the US…after high deductibles were met.

On another occasion, I became seriously ill in Japan. Wife called ambulance. To hospital. X-rays. Blood test. Sonogram. Super polite doctors. Hella cute nurses. About $180 cash.

I still do annual exams, IV hydration, blood panels, eye exams, chest X-rays, any procedure I can “schedule” – it’s still cheaper to pay cash and do it in Japan. (This excludes cost of airfare, which I have to cover for my business anyway. As pure medical tourism, the numbers wouldn’t work. But since I am there anyways, everything medical seems much much cheaper.)

And I greatly prefer the way the doctors and nurses and clerks treat me. In the US, I feel like a two-legged insurance number with a credit card.


I would think medicaid for all would be much more in line with want fee, vote for me.


FYI, if you are over 50, Colonoscopies are covered in all ACA compliant plans with no cost sharing.


I.E. They are ‘free’…


As a guy over 50 who has had half his colon surgically removed, and who has experienced 12 colonoscopies in 23 years (twice while I bought my unsubsidized Obamacare Blue Cross ACA compliant plan through the Covered California exchange), I can say that mine have rarely been “fully covered.”

For example, the insurance will not cover a general anesthesia. That’s $400 extra. The “twilight sleep” drug is covered. But because of my history, the gastro doctor requires that I hire an anesthesiologist.

And there is a “facilities fee” that is not covered. And I have to use the doctor-owned facility if I want it done in the next couple months by the doctor who knows my case.

And if the doctor finds any kind of anything, a freckle or polyp or decides to take a biopsy (routine over 50) – whoops…guess what? It’s not a “preventative” exam anymore. It’s now a “surgical procedure.” Which is not fully covered.

And then there’s the fact that nothing kicks in till I meet my $5,000 deductible…

So yes, they are covered. But they always cost somehow me at least $1500 out of pocket.


Wow what a great deal coupled with birth control pills.