Dems Either Know How Good Government Perks Are... Or


They Never Managed To Save Up Enough For A Car Of Their Own…

House Democrats are currently outspending their Republican colleagues by a two-to-one margin on taxpayer-funded car leases despite being in the minority, according to recent expense reports published by the Clerk of the House of Representatives.

The ability to lease a car on the taxpayer’s tab is an optional perk available to members of the House, but not the Senate.

Lets remind ourselves of the current House population: 241 republicans and 194 democrats…


The base salary for a member of Congress is $174,000, but members in leadership make more.

I make far less than that and manage to make my car payment each month.


Wow. Is it any wonder that these are the same people who keep racking up debt and can’t control the spending of our money?


Anyone leasing a car should have it immediately seized and they should be forced to walk to work or take public transit.


And your not even a millionaire as most people elected to congress become.


I agree AngryBarista, I’m a retired vet and I paid off a 4yr car loan in 2yrs.


Spend baby spend !!! :roll_eyes:


It demonstrates just how out of touch politicians are with common folks ! :rage:


Most are in touch only at election time when they Kiss Ass for votes


I have managed to do what in government is an impossibility. I have gotten myself to the point where I am totally self funding. I have the cash in the bank before I buy the car but as soon as I buy a new car or appliance, I start making payments to myself for its eventual replacement. It took some hard lessons about credit and years of getting to this point but I will walk out of this world owing no one anything… Except of course my father and mother who gave me some fair amount of wisdom… the one thing that my dad pounded into me is that I should NEVER consider one penny of Social Security as retirement. Whatever I may get from social security should be considered icing and nothing more.


It’s gives an amazing amount of freedom having no debt.

Been there since 2005.