Dems Seem To Be Playing Games In Florida


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It certianly sounds like security settings on what ever antivirus… although has had its far amount of abuse from the left lately… I wonder if the antivirus crowd are now pegging conservative sites…


no… they wouldn’t do that, would they?



Looks like corrupt Dems are trying to steal the senate and governor’s elections. Here is some background on the woman who is in charge in Broward county. She’s been in trouble before. DeSantis and Scott will fight back, I’m sure of that.

Even beyond her own reprimand for authorizing the destruction of ballots, Snipes cannot deny the department’s patchy track record. In 2016, early voting results for Broward were posted a half hour before polls closed, in violation of election law. Her office was sued unsuccessfully because a constitutional amendment was missing from some mail-in ballots. The electronic system used by the county was also later found to have been targeted by Russian government hackers — although it’s unclear whether that affected results and had nothing to do with the early posting.

On multiple occasions, there have been problems with printing mail ballots. And in the August primaries, Broward was the last county to post election results. The department cited reasons from unexpected recounts, delayed jump drive delivery — rumor was they were temporarily lost — to a late influx of mail-in ballots that were still being counted the next day, leaving the results of several races unclear .


Do you expect anything else from the land of the hanging chads??Florida would screw up a free lunch.Every election brings new voting g disasters to a state perpetually run by Returdlickers.


Florida Secretary of State, who is in charge of elections, is KEN DETZNER a REPUBLICAN who was hand picked by Rick Scott!!!


Check out this thread by Marco Rubio, who is no bomb thrower or conspiracy theorist. Looks like Dems are attempting massive voter fraud.


Take a look at this video. It appears there is some serious election fraud going on… they shouldn’t get away with this!


This is absolutely unreal!


Your hate is strong today.

Your corrupt party now runs the house, what could possibly go wrong ROTFLMAO???


Broward county, a democrat stronghold.


This looks like a brazen attempt to steal an election. Law enforcement has been called in. What a disgrace.


Scott is suing the Broward county Supervisor of Elections.

And here is a statement by the incoming Speaker of the Florida House.


I have no doubt Florida officials would cheat to give an election to a Democrat.


Bill Nelson has hired the same sleazy law firm that helped Hillary with the fake dossier.


Well that doesn’t surprise me. This is brazen, and it is disgusting.


Especially Broward County.