Denial of Service


Hey folks - we have been getting hammered pretty hard today. I’m working on a permanent fix. I am getting your emails about not being able to post. Just bear with me. I may have to take the site down for a few to roll out a fix.


Well everyone - I am exhausted. It’s been a frustrating and interesting night. I’ll explain what went down after I get some sleep. If you are wondering about the domain change to a .IS (Iceland) and the name change - it was necessary. I guess there are some people out there who don’t want us having nice things.

If things don’t work right just add what I need to fix here.

I had to disable some of the social logins temporarily.

If pictures don’t load that’s because I am running a script to rebake all of the file paths to a new database. It’s 02:30 AM East Coast - my script should have mostly everything repaired by 06:30

Everyone should be able to log in and post - to those of you emailing me - my politiforum email is still operational


Everything is working for me. If it makes you feel any better you aren’t the only one that got hit today.


Things are working ok for me as well… Your new name is interesting… but I warn you now… I will quit on the spot of you start playing ‘Freebird’ in the background !!! :grin: Thanks for what must be a massive amount of effort fighting off people who actually have nothing to say for themselves. Their are some on the left who come here regularly that I have tremendous respect for. I may not agree with them… I may argue with them, but they come on here and defend their positions. Their are some that come on here from both ends of the political spectrum and spew hate but aren’t particularly good at defending their positions their voices will diminish over time.

I am actually encouraged by what is happening except for the massive effort by the left to gag and deflect the discussion. Just like the Russia tempertantum that is slowly imploding and moving ever closer to the people on the left that actually interfered in the election, so to will this dialogue about race and identity politics… because at the end of the day we are talk about people who stand with and identify with people waving the hammer and sickle… we know who they are and precisely what kind of totalitarianism they stand for and as long as venues like this and news outlets like Breitbart can weather the storm… liberty and justice for all will win.


Are you at all able to keep the other site up for a while if for nothing other than a redirect for your audience of lurkers?


Rest easy and thanks for all you do.


I have not had a single issue. Other than the Google login being gone, but you already covered that.


I like the name change. Very positive and might help attract a larger audience if they don’t see something political right up front.

Thanks for working so hard!


Shifting to Iceland was a smart move.

I’m a fan of the Nomad Capitalist and he has been talking about this for a few years.


I just clicked on some of the links I have posted elsewhere and they all bring me here. @Patriot I’m sure you already thought of that but I just wanted to help.


What I was thinking of is the drive by viewer who only had a bookmark to the web page. Clicking on it will take them to dead air and this forum will be forever lost to them unless they come upon it by chance. Even if someone goes to a search engine and uses links provided for ‘’ the will go no where…


I’m sure everything will get fixed. No pressure @Patriot :grin:


Thanks for your efforts and giving us a space. It’s important. Especially now. The crack down has begun.



Amen to that @Scott we are in a full information war now and it seems that there are certain well-funded and powerful groups who want to control that information. We are the ones who need to resist. They are the oppressive class. Not us.


A fresh start a good thing. They attack. We counter-attack.


Comments by the CEO of Instagram. He probably made these comments based on reasons that I probably would not agree with - but I don’t disagree with what he is saying.

“To Systrom, it’s pretty simple: Freedom of speech does not mean the freedom to shitpost,” Wired proclaimed. “His network isn’t a public square; it’s a platform people can choose to use or not.”

When Systrom was asked about free speech, the CEO reportedly replied: “Is it free speech to just be mean to someone?”

Nicky Jackson Colaco, Instagram’s director of policy, also claimed, “If toxicity on a platform gets so bad that people don’t even want to post a comment, they don’t even want to share an idea, you’ve actually threatened expression.”


Of course, ‘being mean’ is in the eyes of some ever increasingly sensitive people… when is ‘being mean’ just expressing an opinion and reasoning that you are unable to debate against and someone being rude and insular?

He is however correct. As I have been saying for decades, the biggest mistake made in race and social relations was to force private business to hire people it did not like or create products counter to its own business model. He and his platform have ever right to set the rules but just like Fakebooks user policy on hateful statements… it is only enforced to further a particular message.


Thanks for not giving up @Patriot there are not many places like this left.


@Bryan Along similar lines of the internet crackdowns of late, Tor doesn’t mind child pornographers, sex slave traffickers, ISIS recruiters, et al, on their service, but boy did they whine about Daily Stormer.