Denial of Service


They appear to have declined to post my response to their comment of: We feel this way any time the Tor network and software are used for vile purposes.

I just asked them to post links to all the other messages of aghast they have posted with respect to the ‘other’ vile purposes… and … well… me being me, I couldn’t help but add a little comment about … studying history :grin:


What the hell happened? Every time I look away I miss something.


We are all Nazis now @BigTom and apparently any sites that have anything to do with anything not far-left are being shut down and kicked off hosting providers. My girlfriend’s blog - which had one post on it from the election when Trump won congratulating the next President of the USA - was taken down yesterday. I think she had about 6 active readers. She mainly blogged about “women’s lifestyle” crap like recipes, clothes, make-up, etc. In her defense, she also had a congratulatory post written if Hillary had won. She was just trying to do something nice and she got kicked from her hosting provider and her AdSense account banned.


Expect things to get worse.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said the company would donate $2 million to anti-hate groups, releasing a staff memo that rebuked President Trump and others who claim a “moral equivalence” between white supremacists and the protesters who countered them in last week’s deadly Virginia rally.

Cook sent a memo to employees Wednesday pledging the donations to the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League. The Montgomery, Alabama based SPLC is one of the leading groups that track the rise of hate groups. Cook is an Alabama native.

Apple is also encouraging employees to contribute as well, and is matching their payments by two to one through Sept. 30. Additionally, Apple is setting up a system in Apple’s iTunes software to let consumers directly donate to the SPLC, which Cook said would be operational within the next few days.


The man can do whatever he wants with his own money, but this why I don’t own any Apple products. Apple and their leftists can go kick rocks.


Cook is typical of tech CEOs. His actions are alienating a sizable percentage of Apple customers including myself. Apple rolled over for the Chicoms and now they’re rolling over for Antifa. How pathetic!