DENMARK: Premier Warns Against Islam and 'Parallel Societies'

DENMARK: Premier Warns Against Islam and 'Parallel Societies'

Ash Sharp

Are European leaders finally waking up? It's not just Viktor Orban in Hungary who is woke about Islam.

While most of the world's leaders choose to look away from their responsibilities, Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen spoke strongly in his New Year's Message.

“We must break the chain in which generation after generation lives in a parallel society. A child has only one childhood. It must not be wasted.”

Rasmussen refers here to the phenomena of Muslim 'no-go zones' where gangs reign supreme and the police fear to tread. The parallel society is one of unintegrated generations of non-European migrants who actively reject the culture of their host nation. While many hold European passports, the culture is far from Western.

“There are parallel societies throughout the country.. I’m talking about neighborhoods where teenagers are forced into marriages with someone they do not love; in which women are considered to be worth less than men.”

Children are particularly at risk, Rasmussen went on to say.

“There are children and young people being sent for re-education if they become too Danish. Parents are punishing children. It should be the other way around. We must step in as a society. Support children and punish parents.”

And yet the leftists across the Western world claim we are being culturally enriched. Nothing could be further from the truth. Non-Western migration is not bringing anything useful except cheap labor which only benefits plutocrats and the black marketeers, while keeping wages at rock bottom for the poorest in society.

Rasmussen is at least attempting to address the problem. He is clearly offering too little and too late, but we can be sure that the people of Denmark are well aware of the problems in their society.

That liberals continue to deny the obvious should be of no surprise; they depend on migration to shore up their voting blocs. How long though before Western Civilization comes to terms with reality?

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This of course is where the purveyors of the holistic Utopian society just cannot understand the deficit and ultimate futility of multiculturalism. People are tribal… some tribes can coexist… some must be separated and with respect to economics the tribal belief that socialism is the great creator of wealth will always attempt to destroy and upend capitalism and entrepreneurial free markets…


It’s worthwhile to hold out some hope. Not the Obama kind but real hope that people are coming to their senses and will address these issues. As long as people like Rasmussen are willing to speak up then we can’t just say too little, too late. If the migrants that he’s referencing don’t have citizenship there are still actions that the Netherlands can take to start balancing their country again in favor of their citizens and actual immigrants who will add value to the the economy and the Dutch way of life.


*Denmark. *Danish. But yeah, the Netherlands has similar issues, I’m in Amsterdam right now.


Somewhere around the north end of Damrak I presume…:ballot_box_with_check:


It’s much too dam late now . They are like cockroaches !