Denver Police Protect ‘All Ages Drag Show’ from Angry Protestors

Another stunning example of how law enforcement is against the protesting citizens and FOR those exploiting minor children.

In Denver, a bunch of disgusting degenerates organized an all ages drag show featuring children and the police protected them from a group of angry protesters who wanted it shut down.

But if we are to be honest about what’s going on here, this is all about normalizing pederasty. They are literally going to try and convince people that sex with children is normal and that you are a hateful bigot if you disagree. They did this with homosexuality, trannies and now they’re doing it with pederasty. This all ages drag show and these drag queen book reading events are just the beginning of this push.”

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Put a dollar in the child hooker’s g-string, bigot.

It’s really hard to believe that it’s come to this. And in plain sight.

What is President Trump going to do about it?

All he needs to do is get the paper out of the printer and write in the executive order.

Instead of helping their children work through a need to cross dress, these parents (who are probably caused the problem in the first place) parade their children in public so the child can be applauded for sinking deeper into a delusion. This is disgraceful.