Desu - New Facilitator


Hey everyone!

My good friend @Patriot has enlisted me to help serve all of you in this outstanding community as a dedicated facilitator! My purpose is not to take one side or the other, but to help keep conversations on track. I will also be helping to monitor posts that are flagged by community members. Lastly, I’ll provide system tutorials to help all of you use the tools provided here more effectively. I plan on keeping all of my activities aligned to the vision of not using moderation to silence discussion. There is a big difference between facilitation and moderation. @Patriot posted a really great topic that is pinned globally and I hope that all of you can find the time to read it.

Before volunteering here, I have facilitated and moderated community forums on reddit, disqus, and on the new discord platform - I have also done this professionally within corporate communities of practice.

I’m an Army and Air Force veteran, dad, husband, and a really bad fisherman.


Welcome @Desu and thanks for your willingness to participate. I like your humor in the selection of your username by the way - a facilitator named @Desu


Are we talking ‘brown shoe corps’ here or transfer from grunt to easy chair? :smiling_imp:


Ha! I’m not that old.

I enlisted in the Army when I was 18 and was an indirect fire infantryman (11C). I missed the Gulf War but made it just in time for Bosnia. I spent 6 years in the Army and spent a lot of time around the Air Force which made me incredibly jealous. Their idea of “roughing it” was working a 12 hour shift and staying in an “average” hotel. As the saying goes, if you can’t beat them, join them. Once I was discharged, I spent 2 years out as a straight civilian in the IRR, finished my degree, and went into the USAF as an Intel Officer - which landed me right back working with Army downrange. I love both services equally - neither are perfect. Although for the history lover - Army history is my go to. The USAF is still working on their identity since their 1947 departure.


I missed that average hotel in Thule, Greenland, Shemya as well as numerous other places I was unlucky enough to fly into.

In any case VOQ did beat camping in a tent.


Glad you are here @Desu thanks for volunteering.


Thank you Desu! We all must argue ideas instead of insults.


Welcome Desu, best of luck herding these cats :wink:


Now that is a club I am familiar with. Welcome!


I spent my first four years in the Army as an armor intelligence specialist (11D). We were known and hailed by the name ‘We’re The Fucowie Scouts’… because every time we would come over a rise and look at the landscape and the map we would look at each other and proclaim… “Where the fuck are we?”

Got wise retrained for 26y satellite ground station repair and spent most of the rest of my time in air conditioning… gotta keep the kit cool…

Until some bright spark decided that you could load it on the back of a truck … and back out in the field we went.


I worked a bit with you guys when I was Army but even more so when I went Air Force and we were connected at the hip with the Army Geospatial community. You would not believe how far this technology has come and what the satellite guys and the terrain guys are able to pull together in the field. Let’s just put it this way…no one needs to crawl out of a foxhole and fill up a nice site picture for the bad guy. We can see what is behind a wall in the dark without ever getting exposed - and that doesn’t even cover the extra layer of eyes drones provide.