DHS Preparing to Arrest Sanctuary City Leaders


Please God, let the cleansing commence now. DHS is seeking the blessing from DOJ to arrest and charge government leaders of sanctuary cities.

If the illegals and marxists start chimping out, I think we should go out and meet them.

Calif. Bill to prohibit employers to comply with ICE

Yes, move in and clean out these aids-ridden politicians in commiefornia.


Judges, Governors and Mayors hauled out in handcuffs will cause Mr. President’s ratings to skyrocket. Complete landslide territory.


Quite impressed with Ms. Kirstjen.


DHS is “asking” DOJ if they could lodge criminal charges against SC’s and you guys are already drooling over visions of politicians being hauled away in hand cuffs. LMAO. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Must admit their is a certain appeal to seeing people in handcuffs who could care less about our nations sovereignty… something in the oath about ‘foreign and domestic’ enemies…


The pasty white Scandinavian who feigned not to know whether Norway is a predominantly white nation, or be able to recall that the TIC referred to many nations of color as shitholes, or that Graham confronted him over it.

Yep, she’s impressive


Well… some people do attempt to gloss over history… Democrats, eugenics… Democrats KKK… Democrat, debilitating state intervention… Democrats, every major conflict of the 20th century… Democrats and unfunded entitlements… shrug…


Whoa racist much, illiterate bernie bot ?



Maybe it’s he and Hillary hauled off in handcuffs lol.


To use your term , “MOST” American favor arresting law breakers particularly the political type ! :wink:


“The pasty white Scandinavian who feigned not to know whether Norway is a predominantly white”

Well I’m probably biased as a white male who’s married to a pasty white Scandinavian.

So sue me.


Lol, no need for that. They are some of the most white people on earth. And I agree with Booker that her pretense not to know that was just complacency.


Mayors Rahm,deFascisto and Garcetti on TV served Arrest Warrants by US Marshalls,cuffed and put into the backseat of a car. Fox News would be the only one to cover this. The others would be busy getting them lawyers and storming the White House with pitchforks and torches.


Would you link to that please.


The US Marshalls should also arrest the Sanctuary City DAs amd the Sanctuary State Attorney General’s for not enforcing Federal Law .


1500 illegal immigrants with final deportation orders and criminal histories are about to get scooped up in California.


Shit might actually hit the fan in Cali with feds and rogue state authorities shooting it out. From there, it’ll spread through the state and into metro areas. No joke, you need to prepare yourselves with supplies.


Fort Sumter 2.0

If the locals try to resist the feds it’s gonna get ugly, fast.


Perhaps the feds are giving employers and employees ample time to take necessary precautions by announcing this in advance. Thought the Trump administration wasn’t going to announce their plans in advance.