Dicks is discriminating and the left loves it


A question about Dicks Sporting goods… 2nd amendment guarantees the right to keep and bear arms, the state and federal governments set guidelines about who can not buy… It is a violation (I know it is not really because those protections are from the government) in a way. So perhaps I should take my daughter to Dicks for her to buy a gun and when they refuse I will have her sue the crap out of them for age discrimination.

Is there a Dicks in Raleigh? We may be going this evening.


This was a stupid move on their part. I bet you don’t see Cabela’s pulling a stunt like this. Dick’s can now solely focus on selling basketballs and sneakers to their other market demographic. I’m done giving them any business and I spend a few thousand a year on hunting and outdoor equipment. I’ll have to drive the extra 40 minutes to Cabela’s now which I do when Dicks doesn’t carry what I’m looking for. They are getting ZERO dollars from me now.


Subjective as that is, I’m sure there will be many people that see it as responsible and patronize the store.


Now imagine if the shoe was on the other foot and a conservative business made a decision like this on a liberal. Well we know what happens. Gay wedding cakes.


Lol. I don’t think Dick’s cares one bit what political persuasion a kid is, they just don’t want to sell them a gun.


And that is AGE discrimination


Well then we’d best let kids buy cigarettes and beer.


If they are of legal fucking age! My daughter is 19, has a CJ certificate, she is about to graduate with two AS degrees and is going to ECU to finish up a BA in criminal justice.


I’d be proud of her. But I don’t believe she’s being discriminated against because she can’t buy beer.


Define what a kid is.


No she is not law says 21! Law also says 18 and clean record for long guns. That is discriminating.

So places can stop serving blacks and latinos if this stands.


Yes they can, and I’d have no problem with it…if they’re under 21 it doesn’t matter what race they are.


Hey I am in it for all of nothing. Either all laws are enforced or none! As it applies to each type of law.


Yeah… but a lot of them would have to come out of their parents basements first… And then their is a matter of funds… Perhaps the high school kids get a good allowance… won’t last long though… they seem to be pushing for a universal wage and open borders…


The left have been playing their games by using hiring and service laws created by Titles II and VII of the 1964 civil rights act long enough and creating protected classes that must be served and hired… time to show them the fallacy of that law either in practice or in the courtroom.


Well Dick’s definition for the purpose of buying a gun is 21. The feds are a little confused about it as they say you’re a kid till 21 if you want to buy a beer, but 17 if you want to die, fighting people you don’t know or have a grievance with half way around the world.


It appears that Dicks uses shooting incidents as a promotional gimmick…

Perhaps Field and Stream deserve a shift in business as well…


I though you were talking about monte.


Dicks has decided to make a PC decision to avoid a possible Leftist led protest. I’m sure gun control Goonies are celebrating and late night TV hosts will have plenty to say.
I don’t agree with the decision but they have the right to determine what they can sell .


Why is it always nefarious. Why isn’t it possible that the owners/management of Dick’s have personal convictions that an 18 year old is too young to be handling these firearms?