Disarming America


If the people of this country do not beccome extremely vocal with their Representatives at all levels of government, I am afraid that the ‘gun control’ battle is about to be lost. We are really not talking about the cultural changes in the US that cause people to want to murder. We are not talking about the desensitizing of Americans to Human life as people push partial birth abortions and the slippery slope of euthanasia. We don’t talk about the fact that we are the most doped up and ‘councilled’ society on the planet, but the people who work tirelessly to disarmed the last large population on the planet, never sleep.

Anti Gun Activists are again out in force and the ‘Moderate Republican’ wing of the of the ‘conservative’ right has joined the chorus.

This is good in one respect, he funds the very people who we hope will never win another election.

This is bad because this jokers comments are all over the map… He wants votes and will say whatever it takes to get them.

I like the way he constantly singles out ’normal people’ … The left have been working to destroy the word normal for decades.

His comments are very slippery slope. You can go to a specialized place and 'pop of a few caps; if a fully automatic weapon if you desire… He now places scary looking ‘assault rifles’ in that category.

Trump himself appears to be goading the democrats at this point…



This thing here, when a mentally deranged person can get a hold of an AR-15, we’ve got to deal with that.”

Well, the FBI dropped the ball on that, so we need major FBI reformation first


They’ve been distracted of late… Of course more to the point, the local police are the ones who actually dropped the ball on this guy. As and ADULT he entered a public school and made treats to the CHILDREN in that school… at a minimum, that should have cost him his right to purchase a firearm.


The wacky left is systematically dismantling the Constitution of the United States of America !!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


All Trump does is goad people, he’s a VERY shitty leader. In fact, he has NO leadership skills. He’s also naive enough to think all 35,000 FBI employees are distracted with the Mueller investigation. What a laughing stock this looser is.


I don’t think he believes all 35000 are distracted… he never believed that the rank and file of the Border Patrol or ICE were incapable of doing their jobs under Obama but he knew very well that the leadership was the problem. You want to paint a narrative where he blames the entire organization… sorry, its the leadership… those who would have actually pressed people to follow up intel that are the ones that are preoccupied…


Now we know, the TIC got his talking point from Geraldo Rivera of FAUX news. :wink:


Apparently the same applies to local law enforcement as nothing was done after 39 calls.


Any elected official openly saying that “some freedoms will be lost” should be the first to give up these freedoms before whatever they want to do is passed.


I find it amazing the left/media outcry for eliminating guns.

I find it amazing the left and media ignore the reality that local police dropped the ball, 39 calls to the home no results.

I find it amazing the the FBI was informed and did nothing.

I find it amazing the rise of school shootings is due not to the absence of laws but to the absence of a civilized culture that taught students to follow them. Do we still insist the teaches be referred to as Mr/Mrs. ______?

Do we instill the basis of right and wrong in school today?

Do we teach respect?

Where are the parents/guardians? Do we hold them responsible?

Do we insist on security at our schools?

Do we identify mental health issues and deal with them or ignore them?

At one time we had state hospitals that had people living there with mental health issues. Lawsuits were filed and the state hospitals were closed as they were depriving people of their rights incarcerating them in hospitals.

Psychiatric boarding — the practice of warehousing mentally ill patients in hospital emergency rooms due to a lack of available treatment space — is unlawful, according to the state Supreme Court.

“(State law) does not authorize psychiatric boarding as a method to avoid overcrowding certified evaluation and treatment facilities,” states the court’s decision, authored by Justice Steven Gonzalez.

The unanimous ruling, issued Thursday, throws a wrench into the state mental health system and forces state leaders to confront a longstanding dilemma: a shortage of mental-health treatment beds created by a series of budget cuts.

We have a media bent on sensationalism exacerbating the problem with copycats.

Where does it end? By ending gun ownership to by addressing the root cause??


I find it laughable when the left wants to rely on the FBI / police to keep them safe while enforce the fun ban (if any), when the FBI cant even perform basic function such as keeping a watch on a potential school shooter. This is an alarming trend with most other shooting as well: the authority does nothing when the perpetrator is someone that has been reported multiple times (the Pulse night club comes into mind). This Florida Parkland kid has been expelled for bringing a knife into the school, and was banned from having a backpack bc he has had bullets inside of one. Even if he carries a huge “I WILL SHOOT UP THE SCHOOL SOON” sign on his back, I dont think anyone will react.

The cognitive dissonance is, the lefts also insist that police should not do their jobs when confronted with a “person of color” (implying all cops are white), and they shouldnt be on campus ground “bc their presence will mentally scars the kids”.

Cant win.


That had to be a Freudian slip… :blush:


H.h.hey. look over here



The Leftists attack the gun control issue because it’s an easy target. They know their Leftist media allies will give them all the coverage they want and more.
They attempt to portray opponents as being out of touch and won’t engage in any Meaningful discussion. They need the same type of mental therapy these killers need .
This is another instance where an agency failed to the job starting with the local police.
I’m surprised the HAGS on the View except for McCain haven’t flown to Florida to lead protests against guns .Their beautiful faces on TV is what we Need.


35,000 FBI agents work in Trumps FBI, and a handful are working for Mueller. Looks like the TIC needs to start leading.


Have you missed all the guys on the right that are calling for gun control and tighter regulations?


They are in Deep Denial about gun control.Why don’t they start holding everyone in the chain accountable. Start with mental health treatment records , behavior issues and violent crime records.
If we need to have a national data base for these people ,So What !!! The ACLU be rammed !!! The safety for All should come first. I don’t see this as an invasion of privacy. Its called Crime Prevention.


Gun control is a pipedream. I always hear people complaining about the NRA Boogeyman whenever a mass shooting event happens, right on cue. So…about all of those shooting deaths in Chicago…yeah…no one brings up the NRA then because those guns were obtained illegally. Gun control is all about going after law abiding citizens who responsibly purchase and handle their firearms. It’s big picture disarmament of a population. Good luck doing that without a fight.


Next the Leftist Liberal Loony Tunes will want the FBI and the ATF to search every house ,confiscate guns and arrest the people.
Some may laugh,but suppose a President could declare Nationwide Martial Law or State of Emergency and put this into practice .It wouldn’t matter if a D or R was after their name.