Disarming America


Why penalize the majority because of these Psysopaths


Cops had far beyond what’s necessary for probable cause.

I swear, the police in this country are making it impossible to support them. We’re their natural allies and yet they’re all such dumbasses lately that I and others are quickly reaching the point where we can’t support them anymore. San Jose, Charlottesville and now these losers in Florida, the list just goes on and on.


Any Republican member of the Senate or House of Reps that cucks on guns is screwed. Period. The will lose their seat. Americans don’t care.


Some dead kids don’t trump my right to own firearms.


Imagine my surprise. A Jewish donor exerting control over American political institutions. My experience and observation is that Jews never donate out of a genuine sense of philanthropy, rather is it is way to control an institution whether it is a museum, university, or political party. Don’t fall for it. Jewish people involved in politics - Republican or Democrat - are just there to give the illusion of choice. They view themselves as Jewish first, citizens of Israel second, and Americans third. Their religious pals in Congress will back this.


The police failed.

The FBI failed.

The schools did not have proper security and all the left can do is say, lets get rid of the guns.

This country always seeks a solution from the top down, the solution always fails.


I swear, I have never known anyone in my entire life to stutter in complete sentences before…


Who would have thought that the president would have time to supervise 35K employees as well as run the country?


Anytime a non member of the echo chamber says something disparaging of the Jews, they’re called an anti Semitic…


So true… anytime someone has concerns about uncontrolled immigration, the adverse affects of affirmative action and various social program or the cultural clash of Islam or mainstream acceptance of gays or transsexual lifestyles, they are called haters, racists, homophobes and xenophobes… :man_shrugging:




The “blue wave” is coming anyway.


It would appear that democrats are willing to use Russia for every purpose now… Schiff is funny talking about how Russia doesn’t want its civilian population to be armed… of course they don’t… it is the objective of every authoritarian government to subjugate their population. This has occurred since the beginning of hierarchical society… the US was suppose to be different…

“They don’t particularly want [a Second Amendment] of their own,” said Schiff. “They don’t necessarily want lots of Russians running around with lots of guns, but they’re really happy we do. They would like nothing better than if we were shooting each other every day, which sadly, we are.”

Of course we aren’t looking at the root causes of the division and disrespect for life… I suppose that in a real sense, Comintern and the central committee have had a hand in that for many a year…


It’s not penalizing anyone to be denied military style weapons.


Hey, dead kids don’t seem to be a problem for the million who are killed the name of the womens right to kill them for any damn reason they choose.


You making a Trump prediction?


So you say… Your perspective on firearms and their uses and abilities is most certainly not definitive.


Nicholas Cruz to a T.


The republican controlled state of Florida has criminalized mental health providers asking, just asking a patient if they own a firearm, shrug.


Clearly you have failed to comprehend the massive failure of law enforcement to protect the population against known threats… which of course is one of the clear reasons for the inclusion of the second amendment…